January 11,  2014



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Russian scientists have reprogrammed human DNA using words and frequencies. DNA science has finally explained previously mysterious phenomena such as clairvoyance ... intuition ... hands-free healing ... "supernatural" light and auras ... and more.

       According to many with an active interest in the Russian DNA research, these findings reflect the major changes occurring with our Earth, sun, and galaxy. These changes are affecting human DNA and elevating consciousness in ways we  may not fully understand   until well into the future.

Read more: http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/dna-science-and-reprograming-your-dna#axzz2on9d657j




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Welcome to the New Year 

We are in a time of accelerated energy, which means everything is intensified - our emotions, our fears, our love - everything. And that may mean that we are even more aware that sometimes life sucks and sometimes it's full of joy. How do we reconcile these two opposites? That's what this month's The Spiritual Path is about.

To learn more about how to reconcile this dichotomy of life both sucking and being joyful, keep reading. Make sure you read "Phillip's Wisdom." Phillip, my beloved spirit guide always goes right to the heart of the issue and gives us the spiritual perspective. Keep on reading to make sure you find suggested ways to be of service to your life and others. And be sure to read my article When Life Sucks . . . to learn more about finding the balance within life' paradox.


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Phillip's Wisdom

You will find as you suspend value judgments you will no longer put life's occurrences into categories. When there are no longer categories of what is right or wrong, good or bad, your emotions no longer dictate whether something "sucks" or is joyful. All life is merely unfolding as the human mind collectively creates it.

            This is not to say that you should stop working toward peace and greater love for and treatment of all humanity, all creatures, and for this planet. Of course you should, but if you do so with anger you are adding to the destruction. Your anger at the situation may spur you to action, but then you must release it, transforming it to love for the task. To work in anger exacerbates the situation. It adds fuel to the fire, which is counterproductive to your desire and that which you believe your are achieving. By shifting to love you are actually able to begin to shift the consciousness, which in turn changes the situation.

            The shift to love comes about with the release of the judgment. Letting go of what you think this situation is allows you to see a different perspective, which in turn allows you to see - or at lease glimpse - a deeper understanding of the situation. This then is the healing, or the beginning of the healing process - a shift in consciousness of the individual, which triggers a consciousness shift in the collective.





The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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Ways You Can Be of Service 

The new year is a promise of a new beginning, but for many in spite of self-promises to do better, find the long winter ahead depressing. For some, it takes too much effort to find life's joy. But you can add a bit of sunshine into the dark of winter. In doing so, you will lift your own spirits as well. Here are a few simple ways you can help:

Smile It really is that simple. Smile at the grocery cashier and the other people in line. It will make a difference in someone's life, including your own.

Make a Phone Call  In our day of texting, we often forget the wondrous sound of the human voice. The music of your voice letting another know you are thinking of them may make all the difference in their day. . . and their life. 

Bless You, Bless Me  
If we have the winter blues, we may find ourselves a bit short tempered. Instead of getting angry at another, simply say bless you and bless me. This simple prayer will change the energy within you and between the two of you.

Remember the Critters
Cheer yourself up and help the critters by keeping bird feeders and wild cats and other critters' bowls full. Set out an electric bowl (available at TSC and pet stores) full of water when everything is frozen. Use old dog houses or other containers and blankets to create habitats for wildlife. On a cold snowy day, watching the birds feast or seeing an empty food dish in the morning and knowing you have helped a critter will warm your heart.

Plant a Bird Feeder Do you know someone who is shut-in? Put a bird feeder outside their window for days of enjoyment. Make sure you visit every few days to keep it full. 




When Life Sucks . . . 

Sometimes life sucks. Children go to bed hungry. Lives are destroyed by wars. Storms ravage communities. People get sick. Loved ones die. Nations destroy other nations. Greed overtakes compassion for one another. Animals are abused. World leaders play politics with people's lives. And your dreams that were going to bring you so much happiness have become a nightmare. All you want is peace and harmony in your life, but your life seems to be a series of broken promises and endless stress, strife, and frustration. What the?

Life is also joy, and this you know. It's the sun shining on your face and stars shimmering in the night sky. It's laughter that begins in your toes and erupts into giggles by the time it reaches your heart. It's people who reach out and make a difference. It's a puppy's wet lick and a kitten's paw kneading against your heart. It's a world leader leading and a million acts of kindness passed along from stranger to friend. It's families uniting and friends coming together to love, to hold each other, to make the world a better place.

Yes, sometimes life sucks. And sometimes life is sheer happiness. Two opposite truths. How can they both be accurate? This then is the dichotomy of life, isn't it? This is the paradox we all live with, always balancing the two as though we live on the head of a pin. If we lean too far one way, we get mired in the misery, which renders us useless to help alter the situation let alone the havoc it plays on our psyche. If we lean too far the other way, we lose sight of the horror and pain in the world, which keeps us at arm's length from humanity and does damage to our spirits.

So how do we keep this balance and live with comfort in our lives? I don't know that we always do, but I believe we begin by recognizing life is being played out at a grander scale than we are able to comprehend and accept our role as best we can.

Our role may be to be a great crusader or it may be to sit in silent compassion. Our role may be to lead the multitudes to greater humanity or to kiss away the tears of a child's fear. Whatever our role, our job in this world is to live our best life, to live in the grace of the heart and the power of the mind. Our job is to neither bury our heads in the same nor to get lost in the sorrow. To do so, to live in the balance of suffering and joy, allows us to take action when needed out of a place of love and power, whether that action is to speak out, to work for a relief organization, to work to change legislation, to adapt an abused child or animal, to write a letter, or to say a prayer.

Perhaps then our action will change the balance for future generations and they will be able to live in a world where no one ever feels that sometimes life sucks.






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