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What Is the Spiritual Path?


Love and Our Sacred Wound  

This is the month of love, or so Hallmark tells us. It's Valentine's Day in a few days and we'll celebrate that day as one to honor that special someone -- our life mate/spouse/romantic partner/love of our life/soul mate. That one person who rings our bell and touches our heart at its deepest level. That one person with whom we have chemistry.                The Spiritual Path celebrates all soul mates and cheers you on to build happy life with fulfilling memories together. This month's publication is about love, but takes a different tack. It's about the sacred wound. Just what is a sacred wound and what is its connection to love and our soul mate? Phillip answers those questions in "Phillip's Wisdom" so be sure to read it. Also, be sure to read Ways You Can Be of Service To Your Life and Others so you heal that sacred wound and live a greater life filled with love. Then keep on scrolling to read my article "When Soul Mates Meet, Fall in Love, and Crash."   

          This issue of The Spiritual Path speaks only to the individual sacred wound, but I believe we also take on an ancestral sacred wounding, that of our gender, and that of our nation, as well as that of our world. However, this is just one issue and this topic is much larger as it is. We do hope that you are able to gain some understanding of the sacred wound from the information in this issue, and that it helps you along your spiritual path.

          As with all the articles in The Spiritual Path you are encouraged to share them as well as share the entire publication. Please do be kind and fair and adhere to the copyright laws and credit the  The Spiritual Path and its author Diana Rankin. Thank you. Love and blessings to each of you. Diana  



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Be sure to read more articles on my blog. A link is at the bottom of the newsletter, on the left side. Click on "Diana's Blog." My latest article, "Philomena and My Father" speaks to my sacred wound. 




Phillip's Wisdom

The Sacred Wound: A Conversation with Phillip

This is a question and answer session I had with Phillip about the sacred wounding.


Q. Phillip, what is a sacred wound?

A. It is the wounding the soul agrees to take on when entering human life for the purpose of healing the wound and evolving the species.


Q. Does everyone come into life with a sacred would to heal or is it only something that some of us take on?

A. All souls have a sacred wound, but not all recognize this to be so.


Q. How do we know what our sacred wound is?

A. It is written in the patterns of your life. Study these patterns and the sacred wound will reveal itself when the human being is ready to commence with healing.


Q. What are the types of sacred wounds we should look for?

A. In your world, the most common are abandonment, which springs from the physical or emotion abandonment of a child by one or more parent(s); lack of a sense of self, what you might call a lack of confidence in the self's ability to live and thrive in this world, which comes from a lack of nurturing and encouragement during a child's developmental years; depression and other mental illnesses, which is an inability to connect with the true spirit of the individual that is caused by childhood trauma and/or imbalances within the physical brain; and addiction that causes the individual to withdraw from life because of a lack of skills and brain function to cope with their own sensitivity, which is often caused by the shock of a new soul coming into Earth life or an older soul who has experienced this before and wishes to work on the healing of this wound.


The soul sets up the conditions for their life in accordance to what they choose to experience. For example, if a soul chooses abandonment as the sacred wound, that soul would chose to be born into a family where one of the parents will leave the family through death or other means or that soul might choose to be born to parents who are unable to raise the child so the child is raised by another family with whom the child has soul ties.


Q. Can past lives influence the sacred wound we choose before we enter Earth life?

A. Other life experiences most certainly influence the soul's choice of what to experience in this life. There is not always a direct correlation in that [for example] the abandonment wound does not always mean the individual was abandoned in another life experience, although that may be the case. It also could be that the individual abandoned someone and now wants to atone for that act, or that the soul just agrees to experience this wounding for the sake of helping the healing for all souls who experience it.


Q. Can this healing be completed in one life time?

A. Most definitely, but not all will do so. Before healing can take place, there must first be a recognition of the wounding, and then the desire to heal must follow. When there is a desire to heal, the means of doing so are given as they are able to be received and acted upon.


Q. How long does healing take?

A. Healing takes as long as it takes. The better question is to ask how does a person know if they are healed? The answer to this question is that when one is healed of the sacred wound the pattern that perpetuates the behavior that springs from the wound no longer rules the person's emotional behavior.


Q. What happens if we ignore our sacred wound?

A. Those who ignore, or are unaware of, the sacred wound live more from the human self rather than from the deeper spirit self. This is not to say they never touch the deeper spirit self, but that most of their emotional responses are from the human self. 


Q. How does the sacred wound affect our relationships? 

A. Attraction for the other may come from the sacred wound. If this is the case and the wound is neither recognized nor healed, the relationship may be quite rocky and harmful rather than one of harmony and accord. It also is possible to have a normal relationship throughout a lifetime and be unaware of the sacred wound. There are many individual factors at work here.

The relationship between what we will call soul mates is a longing for a uniting with Spirit. These are the relationships that may work only on the deeper levels for the healing of the sacred wound in one or both individuals. These are often the relationships that stories and poems are written about. They are relationships that may not work for the coming together in the every day life.

There are also relationship that work on the human level, but do not have the depth of the spiritual soul connection. If the couple stays together they may or may not have the need to heal the sacred wound.

There are those couples who have both the deep spiritual connection and lives that work together in the human world. These are the sacred relationships where soul mates have come together to help heal the world at a greater level than they can do alone. 

What happens if two people come together who have the same sacred wound?
This depends on the growth of both people involved. These can be the most rewarding, but also the most difficult relationships. If healing has taken place, these are lasting relationships that can make the biggest leaps in healing the wounds of the world. 


Q. Is there anything else I need to ask at this time on this subject?

A. This information is complete for a starting point at this time.


Thank you Phillip.

Thank you my dear.





The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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Mary B.    


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Ways You Can Be of Service  To Yourself and Others 

Love will heal every wound, so  . . . what if we woke every morning and said, 'I love you'? And what if we kept saying I love you to ourselves and to those around us and to the world all day long? What if these were the last words we said before we fell asleep at night? And what if we really, really meant these words? What if we meant I love you, not I own you, or I want you to do what I want, or I want to control you, or I want to put demands on you, but I love you and because I love you I value and respect you and I want to act in a way that shows I value and respect you? What if we were able to hear each other say I love you and not be afraid, but instead embrace and be grateful for that love?"
I love you, Diana




When Soul Mates Meet, Fall in Love, and Crash 

Your eyes meet across the room. Everything else fades away. All you can see is the other person, and you know you want to meet, have to meet. It is as though it is preordained, as though the gods are working their magic through the two of you.

           You meet. You talk. . . . and talk and talk. Words between you come easily. Laughter comes even easier. And then you kiss and the world explodes. Nothing will ever be the same again. You feel like a teenager again. Life shimmers. You can't get enough of each other. You are falling in love.

           That euphoria, that love you feel for the other, makes everything in your life seem better. Everything is brighter, sweeter, even those few pounds you wanted to lose seem to melt away. This is as good as it gets, and you want it to last forever. The other one feels this same way, or so you thought.

          And then what seems like all of a sudden something happens, and before you know what's what, you crash and burn. Your mundane lives, your human selves, with all your fears and insecurities and issues, push in and pull you out of the euphoria of new love. Your heart closes faster than it opened only a short while ago. You feel lost and alone and scared and hurt and you don't know which way to turn. 

           This is where love - real love - begins. Not every couple is going to make it through, or past, this barrier, because this is where we get to deal with our own issues, stripping away our insecurities, soothing our fears, and becoming more of who we truly are. This is where we stop trying to make the other into who we want them to be, but instead learn who we are in this relationship. In doing so, we also must learn about kindness, compassion, understanding, and communicating.

           This is where we embody love for ourselves as well as loving the other. This is where we learn if that deep soul connection translates into our workable relationship in our everyday life. It doesn't always.

         When it does, we must learn to nurture the third soul of love we are creating between us, as well as continuing to embody love ourselves for ourselves and for the other. We must continue to look at ourselves, getting to know our needs so we can with kindness and love communicate them to the other and hear the needs of the other. We must never blame the other for any disappointment of our own expectations, while also keeping within the healthy boundaries we have established for ourselves individually and as a couple. We must always continue to communicate, asking, answering, and most importantly laughing.  

           And if we succeed, we will come together in a lasting love that heals not only our lives individually and as a couple, but the lives of everyone who feels our love. That's worth working for. 





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