March 11,  2013



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Congratulations to this month's winner of a free psychic reading/life coaching session with Diana -- Kathy Ju

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"I always look forward to the loving insight that Diana gives during my readings.

Following a session, I always feel empowered to move ahead, embracing this wonderful journey,

even with its bumps. She connects to what is going on in my life, offering direction, validation,

and loving support."

Joyce Lutz   



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*  Becoming the Vision
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Do You Know ?

There was an intricate machine (a computer) that was discovered off the

Mediterranean island of Antikythera in 1900. It is made of bronze and

encased in wood and is thought to date back to the 2nd century BC. It

makes use of extraordinary technologies and mechanisms to observe

movements of the earth, the sun and the heavens. Only trouble is, previously such technology wasn't thought to have existed until well over 1000 years later.







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Living the Vision


Each of us as a soul chose a path to follow and a mission to accomplish. When we find - and follow - our path, the whole of the universe opens to guide and help us to accomplish what we came here to do. But how do we find our path? We need to shift from standing outside our dream and trying to manifest it to standing inside the vision and allowing it to transform you into that which you need to become for the vision to manifest in your life.

Instead of thinking about what we want in our life and trying to visualize it into existence, we need to allow the vision to come and then live to the vision. In living this way, our higher, spiritual self is creating the vision rather than us trying to create from the human self. This visioning process calls us to step into our greatest self as opposed to cajoling Spirit into giving us what we think we want. There is a price to be paid however. When we live from our higher self, we are asked to be all that we can be. We are asked to evolve to allow the manifestation of the vision, which often means shedding that which no longer serves our lives. The reward is that we learn - and begin to live - our ideal life, the life that fulfills us, the life we came here to live.

About the process, Michael Bechwith states: "The vision process is always self-examination. It's never, 'God, I want this. Make this happen.' It's always, 'What do I have to become to live the vision to manifest, to reveal it?' The visioning process, then, is a process of transformation of the individual."

At the center of our hearts is the desire for living our greatest life. To do so, begins with the desire to do so, and then moves into action - the intention to live from our highest self for our good and the good of all - and then comes the action that we are always guided to take. My intention is that the information in this newsletter will be of help to you to reach into yourself and learn of the greatest life you can possibility have, and then to begin to live an even greater life.






Phillip's Wisdom


Intention is at the root of the Law of Attraction, but so many misunderstand both. To benefit from the Law of Attraction, you must stand in the center of the intention and let life manifest through you. This is life creating itself from its highest order - your God-Self, if you will.

This is quite different from deciding from the intellect that you want something, and then setting about to obtain it. That certainly is possible. It is where we often begin, but it is only a beginning. The true master of the Law of Attraction aligns one's self with the God Self, and the vision that comes from this alignment. Once the vision is clear, the intention comes into focus and the vibration of the intention brings forth the manifestation.

In other words, align yourself with the highest form of creation and all your dreams will materialize.





The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

It's here! The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip is now available in paperback and any day now will be available as an e-book.

          This book is not magical . . . although many of you will think it is. It is a mystical book - an oracle - yet it is also a practical book. It is a book of answers - answers you already know, but may not know that you know. It is a book of answers for your questions, whatever those questions are.

           The Master's Book of Answers is here to give you back to yourself and give to you that which you seek. As you enter this world of self-discovery, enter with reverence for yourself and gratitude that the answers to all life's questions are within your reach. You are a special being of this universe, and every question you have is worthy of an answer.

           As one reader said, "I've already started working with Phillip!  I can clearly see and hear his wisdom as I seek the answers I now realize are already there.  I just needed a bit of help!  This book has become a staple on my nightstand." ~ Robin Skeen  

           To order your copy, click HERE



Ways You Can Be of Service

Spring begins this month allowing us to shake off the winter and start anew. It's a good time to make a commitment to living larger, which incorporates becoming aware of the whole big world around you, seeing how others may need your help, and reaching out in ways you can give to others. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Clean out those closets of spring and summer clothes that you know you aren't going to wear this year. Now is the time to pass them along to a homeless shelter or other agency of help.  
  • Make a commitment to live with a generous heart. Begin by writing a check to that homeless shelter or other agency of help. 
  • Are you good with gardening? Share those plants that are overgrown with friends. 
  • Volunteer to plant a community garden or help someone with their yard work. 
  • Offer to clean the windows of someone who is unable to do it for her/himself. A good inside spring cleaning might also be appreciated. 
  • Stop and smile. You are never too busy to share a smile with the grocery store cashier, the person in the car stopped at the light beside you, the child who is crying at the next booth in a restaurant, the . . . Smile. 



Becoming the Vision


Living from the vision requires first knowing the highest vision for your life. You are given your highest vision as you tap into your highest self, your spiritual self that connects you to all possibilities. When we create from just our human self, we are unable to see all the possibilities, we think there is only one answer open to us or we may even think we have no choices. When we step into the vision of our higher self, we are able to see the endless possibilities available to us.


Here is a meditation you can use to help you see your highest self's vision for your life and tap into the infinite possibilities for an area in which you feel stuck.


A CD of this meditation will be available as a guided meditation as given in Sacred Circles in March at the end of the month at



Have a journal nearby.


Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths, allowing the body and mind to relax into a deep and profound peace. Imagine yourself as the Light you are, and just be that Light, knowing you are deeply loved. As you move deeper into experiencing yourself as the Light, ask to be shown the highest vision for your life. You may see the life you are to live; you may receive words; you may just have a sense of something; you may think you are not getting anything, but be patient. You are receiving what you are ready to receive.


Next, ask yourself the following questions:


What do I need to become to live this vision? Receive the answer.

What must I give up to live this vision? Receive the answer.

What can I do to begin to live this vision? Receive the answer.


Now think about a question you have about one area of your life where you feel stuck. It could be you are wondering about how to use your life for greater service to the world; how to manifest a higher income that allows you to enjoy more of life's pleasures; or how to connect with your life mate.


Form the question, and then ask it.


Allow yourself to relax into the question. Imagine you are the core of a golden circle. Swirling around you - as high as you can see and as low as you can see - are endless possibilities from which you can choose. Reach out and take hold of one of the choices open to you.


Open your eyes softly, and write about your experience, recording the vision and the answers that you received. Revisiting your vision and answers every day will allow you to start - and continue - to live your highest vision for your life.   




Diana's Events

Sacred Circle in Ohio

1st Tuesday of every month  

          West Milton

1st Friday of every month    


3rd Tuesday of every month


3rd Friday of every month 



Click here for the address of a Sacred Circle near you: Events 


Victory of Light Expo 

Diana will be speaking Saturday, April  6 at 1:00 p.m. at the Victory of Light Expo is Cincinnati, Ohio. She will be giving free psychic messages to audience members. 


Universal of Light Expo 

Diana will be speaking Saturday, October 12 at 3:20 p.m. at ULE in Columbus, Ohio. She will be giving free psychic messages to audience members.





Until next month!

Love & Blessings,

Diana Rankin
Psychic Reader and Transformational Life Coach



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