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"Olympus Mons on Mars is the tallest mountain on any of the planets of the Solar System. The mountain is a gigantic shield volcano (similar to volcanoes found in the Haiiwain Islands) standing at 26 kilometres tall and sprawling 600 kilometres across. To put this into scale, this makes the mountain almost three times the height of Mount Everest."
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Love, Sex, and Spirituality  

Last month we talked about the sacred wound and its effect on love. This month The Spiritual Path

addresses love, sex, and spirituality - the expression of physical love. Is sex just for our pleasure? Or, is it for expressing our love for the other? Or both? Can sex be spiritual? And what is intimacy anyway? These are the questions addressed - and hopefully answered - in The Spiritual Path this month.

          Phillip, my spirit guide, looks at the difference between physical sex and spiritual sex in "Phillip's Wisdom," so be sure to read what he has to say. In "Ways You Can Be of Service to Your Life and Others" we explore intimacy and how to achieve it. We also talk about who is really in charge of the timing of a new relationship. And please keep reading to catch my article, "Sacred Sex." It talks about how, as a single woman, I feel about love, sex, and spirituality, and also gives you an experience of sacred sex in an excerpt from my book 23 Days/A Celtic Journey. 




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Phillip's Wisdom

 Sex, or the bonding of the energies through the physical bodies, can be undertaken for its physical pleasure alone. This, however, is to be understood by the participants: when the energy of one's body is mixed with the energy of another through deep physical contact, those energies stay co-mingled for a period of time. While many humans choose to participate in sex without the joy of love, this causes a sense of loss of the personality self or a sense of confusion because there is not a strong understanding of self. When there is not a sense of self, the choice is to find self in others to ease a feeling of aloneness. Sex can remove barriers in the psyche as the physical bodies unite, thus giving the individual participants a sense of who they are, but it a false sense of security.

            As growth progresses and the individual realizes the energetic exchange between partners during a sexual union, the individual will no longer seek union to find self, but instead to share self. This is a complete opposite approach and will be of greater importance to those who are knowingly on the spiritual path.

            Here the exchange of energy through the coupling of the physical bodies is for experiencing the Oneness, the very essence of the spiritual life. When this is the purpose the physical pleasure is increased and the emotional bond strengthened. This is the true expression of love and is where intimacy is found.

            This can be achieved through aligning the intention with the purpose of the coupling, which can take place with a partner of the opposite gender, the same gender, with a beloved in spirit world, or - with the proper knowledge - with a spirit guide or god or goddess.

            To align with the proper intention requires the releasing of the human to its greater Self to allow Divine Love to infuse into and through the human body. This requires both a discipline and total surrender, which brings all beings involved completely into the present moment where there is only awareness of that which is taking place where even the smallest movement has ever lasting reverberations.

            This then will bring the sexual union to Love and deepen the spiritual path. It will also provide pleasure for the physical body that produces immeasurable joy for the human.




The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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Ways You Can Be of Service  To Yourself and Others 

Being of service to the world begins with taking good care of ourselves, which means honoring ourselves in intimacy. Here are a few thoughts on the subject:

  • Slow down. Yes, you. So you met someone who swept you off your feet and your hormones are jumping. I know, I know, but love at first sight works out better in movies than in real life. Granted sometimes it does work out, but the majority of the time somewhere around that three month mark, we start finding out that, although we may have a lot of chemistry and the sex is good, we really don't like the other person all that much. Someone's going to get hurt.
  • We are both human and spirit beings. You may connect on a deep spirit level, but life together does not work on the human level. You can only find that out as you spend time together.
  • Flowers, candy, candlelight, sweet words do not make for love. These are nice, but watch the action, not the words. Why would you sleep with someone who says one thing and does something else? Sleeping together is temporary. The love you want is greater and lasting. Don't settle.
  • Men and women do not think alike. We each have our own language, which can make for miscommunication, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Men may not like what I'm about to say, but in the end they will thank me, because the truth is we all want the same - to be loved, valued, and respected. It's men who taught me this truth: It's the woman's job to set the pace toward the bedroom. Just because your body is ready and there's chemistry and you think this is your soulmate, do not jump into bed with this guy. Give the bond between you time to create something special. I'm not saying you have to wait for marriage. In fact, I think that's a bad idea, but do not be in a hurry. Enjoy the sensual pleasure of taking your time to see if this man is worthy of you.



Sacred Sex

Sex is sacred. Let's start there.

I haven't always felt this way. I came of age in the 1960s when love and sex were given freely, and we thought we could have both without commitment or repercussions. As one man I know said, "We were the generation after the pill and before HIV."

We loved and made love with abandon, and I have to admit there's still a wee part of me that wishes I were still that free. But I'm not. I suppose the real-life issues of STDs had something to with my mind change, but in truth it goes much deeper. It has more to do with once I gained knowledge of something, I can't go back, and I've learned that sex is sacred. It's too important to take frivolously or for any other reason than to connect with the God/the Universe/Spirit . . . the Beloved.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I always knew this, but I put it aside because I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. Fortunately, as I aged, I grew into a wee bit of wisdom and I came to understand the deep commitment sex requires of us. It requires us to be true to ourselves.

That sounds easy enough - on the surface - but look deeper and it gets tougher. Being true to yourself is a pretty big order. It means we have to know who we are and look straight into the eyes of the demons we pretend don't haunt us. It means we cannot use sex just for its sheer pleasure, or to comfort our fears, or to release us from thinking, or to make us feel loved or safe, or for a dozen other reasons. It means we can no longer lie to ourselves. No siree. It just won't work. It's that commitment to self thing.

We have to strip away the pretensions and come naked to our partner with our heart open with pure and unstained love and without our fears or expectations or even our dreams. We must lay aside all that we think we are and allow our true essence to flow freely into the other. Then, and only then, will we know what lovemaking truly is and the sheer ecstasy of sacred sex.

It is here, where the physical expression of our bodies unite with our beloved that together we unite with the Beloved. It is here that one kiss reverberates through every cell and a single caress echoes across ancient memories reawakened. In this moment, we become truly present with all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be. It is in this infusion of energy as I, woman, receive you into my body and the beloved becomes the Beloved. We unite not just with one another, but with every lover, and we unite with that which we most long for - ourselves, and in doing so, we satisfy that need for belonging, that yearning for our soul's home. And we become complete.

This bonding is born of love with commitment to ourselves individually, to each other, and to the third soul of love that encompasses us. It is in this third soul that we find the true sacredness of ourselves and each other; it is the love that transcends our humanness and takes us to ecstasy as we unite with the Beloved where we reach the heavens and sail on a star.


I attribute my understanding of sacred sex to a man who broke my heart open to greater love, and who gave me gifts of the experiences I wrote about in my book 23 Days A Celtic Journey, pps. 140 -141. This excerpt tells you how I experience sacred sex:

Magical is this land,

Merlin's land,


Land on the coast of the Irish Sea.

I feel Wales magic in my,

Feel it with each cell of my body that is me, as

You, my king, come closer to me.

I bow before you now my Lord,

Man that I love, and

Give my hand over to you.

Into your own you take my hand,

Pull to you this jewel that is me.

Into your body I move now,

No longer separate we.

Light beings you and me.

Undulating, rhythmic pattern of being we,

Bodies no longer belonging to you or to me,

Cells once in you now live in me,

Cells of me now live in you,

Changes in these patterns we once called you and me,

Cellular changes,

Healing changes,

Transforming changes.

Changes that do not change when to our own homes we go, and

Try to live our lives as best we can

Without the other near.

It is when I try to forget you that

At first I will not remember why

To forget you is as deep as I myself go, until

I remember this night in Wales,

In magical Wales,

Land on the coast of the Irish Sea.

I will remember then

I am you and

You are me,

No longer separate we, and

Life for us will never again be the same,

For life in all its forms has changed,

Yet changed it has not at all,

Not your life, not mine,

Our lives, they have not changes at all,

Yet changed they have,

Changed they have indeed.






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