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The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip is filled with wisdom to help you achieve mastery of your life. Use this book as your own private oracle. Simply ask a question and open to any page for your answer. Order now at www.dianarankin.com/books at Amazon.com, at Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookseller. Available as a paperback and e-book.




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Do You Know ?

Uruguayan senators approved a bill on April 2, 2013 that allows same-sex couples to marry. Final approval will enable gays and lesbians in Uruguay to marry the person they love and will strengthen the fundamental rights of everyone in Uruguay to equality and non-discrimination.


Science Is Changing Our Idea of What Death Is.  

Our definition of death is being changed by New York researchers who are bringing people back to life hours after they "died." Joe Tiralosi, just one of thousands who, in recent years, have been dead for unprecedented lengths of time - two, three, even five hours - and brought back to life, healthy and whole. "Death itself we can reverse," says Dr. Sam Parnia, director of resuscitation research at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. "We have the scientific means."

         The science is still in its infancy, and successful resuscitation requires two non-negotiables: a treatable underlying cause of death, such as a clogged artery or fluid in the lungs, and a body that has been cooled, either naturally or artificially. It's the cooling that retards cell death in the body and the brain, protecting against cognitive impairment.










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SwansNew Beginnings


Spring heralds new beginnings. With open arms, we welcome spring, well due after a long winter. Spring is a new beginning, bringing forth all its warmth of sunshine and flowers budding into existence. It is the time we shake off the heaviness of winter and greet the refreshment of spring with its promise of summer to come.

We like spring. It brings forth a sense of coming out, a sense of a new beginning, a fresh start. We like the chance to start over, begin anew, a do-over backed by knowledge and hopefully wisdom. Yes, we welcome new beginnings . . . and yet we too often drag our feet to allow them to manifest in our lives.

New beginnings are both exciting and scary, exciting because we want that something new and different to come and scary because we seldom like to make the changes that new beginnings ask for from us. New beginnings come only after we give up that which is to be left behind. With gratitude for the new season, we gladly exchange winter for spring as we shed our sweaters and exchange cold winter nights by the fireplace for warm spring nights on the front porch swing listening to tree frogs sing. We gladly give up walks crunching over snow-covered paths for those over spring-moistened damp earth. But seldom do we leave behind that which our lives have loved the way we shed winter with the new beginnings of spring.

Yet, this is the way of life, the constant shedding and renewing, the letting go and beginning anew. We have a choice - to grasp with both hands the old, hanging on as it slips away from us, or letting go and for the moment be suspended in midair, neither here nor there, but in full trust that when we land we will be like spring bulbs pushing forth into greater light.


Be sure to read my article "Accepting Change and the Yin-Yang." It a Chinese story of Chang'e, a goddess who lives on the moon and her husband, Houyi, who lives on the Earth. A link to the article is at the bottom of the newsletter, on the left side. Click on "Diana's Blog."







Phillip's Wisdom


Seldom does human kind like to start anew. Humans are often afraid of the unknown, which keeps them stuck in the old. They feel overwhelmed by the task of the new beginning, but if they only knew all that is required is to take one step. That one step brings forth a host of heavenly help as the pathway to the next step is then shown. When that step is taken, the next step is shown, and so on until a new beginning is no longer new.

                The is the way of creation - whether the creation be a book or a new life. All new beginnings start with one step.

                Thank you Phillip. One step. So simple and yet so often that one step can be so difficult for us to take. We are afraid it will be the wrong step.

                It will be the right step if taken in the direction of the vision for the individual's life. If there is not vision, no dream for one's life, there are no steps to take. There is only wandering.

There is a place for no steps that is right for human life. This is the place of being, a most needed place for meditation and contemplation. This comes before the first step of the new beginning. In this way, one knows and becomes assured the step to be taken is in alignment with the fulfillment of the vision for the new beginning.






The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.

          We'd love to hear your story of how The Master's Book of Answers by Phillips has helped you. Please drop us an email and let us know. The email link is at the bottom of this newsletter. Can't wait to hear your story!   

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Ways You Can Be of Service


Our lives begin anew each day. Each moment is its own eternity with remembrance of all that has come before. All new beginnings bring forth a shift within our inner world before we experience the change in our outer world. At times, I have experienced these shifts like tectonic plates of the earth shifting within me. At other times, the shift has been as subtle as the morning light coming upon the earth. Whether our shifts be deep-seated or gentle, we need allies when transitioning to a new beginning. Here are a few ways you can be an ally to someone who is working through a new beginning:

  • Be present. Just be fully present, letting go of thoughts of where you should be, what you should be doing, or any thoughts other than being with this person in this moment in time.
  • Listen. Just listen to the other without judgment, without offering advice or insisting they do it your way, without telling the person to start crying or to stop crying, but just listen.
  • Be supportive. Help the person find the best answers for his or her life rather than telling them what direction he or she should take.
  • Never take the other person's power or give them yours.
  • Remember the person going through a transition is vulnerable, so be gentle and kind, but also remember to be the same to yourself.

Often when trying to reach the place where we can move into the new beginning, we become needy. If you are an ally for someone who is in a place of neediness and creating more and more drama in his or her life, you must be protective of yourself and keep strong boundaries. Giving in to the other's neediness helps neither the other nor you.





Change Your Inner World to Change Your Outer World 


New beginnings begin with the intention of making a change, and then - as Phillip so well stated - we must meditate and contemplate before taking action on that first step toward our new beginning. To help you get started, here are a few suggestions:

  1. After meditation and contemplation of the vision you have for a new beginning, write down the bigger picture of what a new beginning is for you. Do not get caught in the details, just the dream. For example, let's say you want to move to a new area, but you don't know where or how in the world you will pull off a move. The whole idea is overwhelming. Instead of getting caught in the don't knows, let yourself dream about what you want, and then write it down.
  2. Make a list of all the great possibilities that a new beginning brings into your life. Notice I said great possibilities.
  3. Make a vision board of the dream of what you want.
  4. Continue daily to meditate, contemplate, and to see yourself in the vision as clearly as possible.
  5. Clean and clear everything that does not fit into the vision for your new beginning. This includes ideas, emotions, and old patterns, as well as physical items. It may even include people. You must evolve to the point where you are one with the vision.
  6. Listen for that small stirring within that tells you what step to take, and then take the first step toward your new beginning.







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