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Death, Dying, and the Afterlife   

We are not comfortable with death in the US culture. Death reminds us of our own mortality. We'd much rather ignore it . . . until we can't. Many people are leaving, so this month's The Spiritual Path is dedicated to helping us understand a little bit more about death, dying, and the afterlife.

            We only scratch the surface in this newsletter, but hopefully the information here helps to answer a few questions and ease a little pain. As always, Phillip, my spirit guide, lends his wisdom, so be sure to read what he has to say in "Phillip's Wisdom." In "Ways You Can Be of Service To Yourself and Others," we address both the person who is grieving and friends of people who are grieving, with suggestions we trust will be helpful. Learn about an ancient healing remedy that even worked in the black plague in "Did You Know?" And please read my column "On Death, Dying, and the Afterlife" where I answer the questions I am most often asked as a psychic medium.



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Phillip's Wisdom

Death, as this transition is called in your  universe, is a passing from one level to another, an

exchange if you will, of a body for a different mode of being. The physical body is a temporal body - to help and allow - the soul to participate in physical and emotional activity within the laws and restrictions of this universe, the purpose of which is to foster the growing of the earth's story for its own sake.

            Once the body is laid down, the soul returns to the spirit body, which in essence is light. This human body has mass, so it is easier for the soul in spirit world to witness life of those in the earth's vibration than for those in earth's vibration to witness a loved one in spirit form.

            We have spent eons alerting humans to fear not this transition, yet many do. This usually does change; however, as death nears. This is because as the human mind begins to perceive the spirit world fear dissipates. This is as it should be.






The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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          More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.

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Ways You Can Be of Service  To Yourself and Others 


Being of service to yourself if you are grieving begins with allowing yourself to grieve, and then to heal. Being of service to someone who is grieving is not something we are taught or something many are comfortable with. It is my hope that these few suggestions will be of service to you.


If you have lost a love one

When someone we love dies, our lives are turned upside down. Everything we knew as normal no longer applies. Our life will never again be the same, and it's up to us to find a new normal.         

            Grieving is a normal process we experience when we lose someone we love, and healing takes time, but we do not want to get caught in the grief. That serves no one, not the one who died, not us, not other family members.

Too often we think that if we laugh we are being disrespectful. Quite the contrary. Over and over, loved ones in spirit world ask me to tell their family and friends to laugh, have fun, and celebrate the time they had together.

Our loved ones in spirit world want us to move on with our lives. If we are unable to move out of heavy grief, we are keeping both them and us from being able to move on. This is not to say we will stop missing them. We may always miss them. It is also not to say that we will lose contact with them if we let go of the heavy grief. The opposite is true. Once the grieving is lessened, it is easier to communicate between the worlds.

            Our loved ones in spirit world want us to be happy and to live a full and fulfilling life. If you were the one in spirit world, is this not what you would want for those you love? Of course it is.

            Now is the time to reach out. There are many who care about you, but do not know what you need. Do you need food because you have family coming in from out of town? Do you need help making decisions? Do you need a ride somewhere? Do you need someone to talk to? Your friends will tell you to call if you need anything. They mean it, but you must decide what you need, and then ask for it . . . as hard as that may be, now is the time.


If someone you know has lost a loved one

So often we do not know what to say to the grieving family, and often we don't need words. We just need to be present for the person grieving and sit with them with our hearts open to listen to what they need to say or to just be together in silence.

            Should you go to the visitation or attend the funeral? Yes, to attending the visitation. This is a way of paying respect to the one who has passed and to those who are grieving, and to hold them in their loss. A simple, "I'm sorry for your loss," are the only words that are needed. Unless you know the grieving person's religious or spiritual beliefs, be cautious of saying such things as, "He's in a better place now," or "She's out of pain and in heaven," or "It was his time," or any other platitude that you say because you do not know what to say. Remember, the person grieving is in pain. Give them your presence, love, hugs, if appropriate, and deep attention. This is greater than any words. Funerals may be public or they may be for the family and close friends. Find out before assuming you should or should not attend.

            Sending a card is always appropriate. Whether you send a short handwritten note or send a sympathy card, you are letting the person who is grieving know that someone cares. Sending flowers may or may not be appropriate, depending on your budget and relationship with the family. Making a donation to the chosen charity is also a lovely and appreciated gesture to show you care. Again this depends on your budget. Please do not feel you need to spend money you do not have. A phone call or card are just as appreciated.



On Death, Dying, and the Afterlife 

As a psychic medium, I am honored to pass along messages from spirit world to grieving loved ones here in our world. Many of my clients have the same questions about those who have passed over. Following are the most asked questions, with brief answers about my understanding of death, dying, and the afterlife that I've garnered over the years.


Was my loved one afraid?

Phillip addressed this in "Phillip's Wisdom," but it bears repeating that as someone approaches death, spirit world opens up to them, which removed fear. Whether death comes quickly or over a period of time, we all pass through a tunnel of light, which heals the fear as we allow ourselves to be immersed in a sense of being deeply loved. In this state, we meet our loved ones already on the other side along with our guides, healers, teachers, and angels, who all greet us.


Can my love one see me?

Yes, your loved one can see you. This can happen instantaneously or it may take some time to allow the loved one to learn a new way of seeing, or the loved one may need to rest. There is no time in spirit world, so patience may be needed from those of us on this side of the veil.


Did s/he attend her or his funeral or memorial service?

Often. When I was barely old enough to walk, I was at my grandfather's funeral. I remember holding my mother's hand and talking with my grandfather. When Mother asked me who I was talking with, I told her Grandpa. Of course she explained why that was impossible. I knew better. He was as dense to me as every other person in the room. I still see, or sometimes just sense, people at their own funeral, but I don't see them as opaque as I saw my grandfather.


What does s/he do in spirit world?

When we pass over, unless we are very highly evolved, we usually recreate a world similar to the world we knew and spend our time doing what we most love to do. An artist friend of mine, who never had enough time to paint, spends time painting. My mother, who never had much time to just relax, often sits on a park bench that overlooks a quiet lake, while holding hands with her beloved. Life there is as individual as life here.


Does s/he miss me and our family?

Yes, we do not suddenly lose our humanness. The grieving is different from that which we experience here in that it is tied to the depth of our grieving.


How can s/he be there and also be watching over me and our family?

Once in spirit world, it is much easier to bifurcate, to be in multiple places at the same time, so your loved one can be with you, with another family member, and off fishing all at the same time.


How can I communicate with my loved one?

There are multiple ways. Learning to communicate in this new way takes patience. It may take time for our grief to lessen. When we are grieving heavily, our energy is heavier, which makes it more difficult for the other to reach us. Some of the most common ways loved ones in spirit world communicate with us is through animals, especially birds that peck at a window or butterflies that fly close to us again and again; electronics, such as a TV or radio suddenly coming on; electrical appliances, such as lights blinking; seeing the person in a crowd or in your peripheral vision; smelling an aroma that reminds you of the person; feeling the person touch you or beside you while you sleep; hearing the person speak to you or receiving a phone call or text message; vivid dreams of the person being there, moved photographs or other meaningful objects being knocked over; and significant objects disappearing and reappearing.





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