May 11,  2013



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*  Healing the Violence
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Do You Know ?

Scientists are tapping into brain cells to manage the nation's power grid.  Kumar Venayagamoorthy, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Clemson University is researching ways to optimize the electrical power grid, a system that could monitor, forecast, plan, learn, and make decisions. What does that better than the human brain? He got help from Georgia Institute of Technology neuroengineer, Steve Potter, who developed a method for growing neurons in a dish containing electrodes to better understand how the brain responds to information. Venayagamoorthy came up with a power grid computer simulation and together the scientists connected it to living neurons from rodents. This system allowed the scientists to stimulate and record activity from the cells. Then the engineers successfully "taught" the living brain cell network how to respond to complex data and incorporated those results into a bio-inspired artificial network. The overall project, dubbed Brain2Grid, ultimately aims to come up with a smart brain-like control system for the power grid.  










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Violence and Peace


Boston . . . Newtown . . . Aurora . . . These cities have come to represent tragedy, forever imprinted in our minds with a horrific event and the loss of life, the names added to an already too-long list . . . Columbine . . . 9-11 . . . . And this is only in the US.

          In the same week as the Boston Marathon bombing where three people were killed, approximately 180 others injured, bombings and senseless violence continued around the world. In Iraq, 20 bombs killed 55 people and injured more than 300. In Syria, Somalia, and other places we too often feel removed from, a trail of devastating violence leaves us feeling overwhelmed and raises deep questions about the nature of our humanity and the challenges before us.           

           Transfixed, we sit staring at our televisions, computer monitors, i-Pads, our smart phones all the while trying to understand the horror, trying to put reason to what is going on as the news media over and over plays again and again the smoke plumb of the bomb blast rising above the heads of the crowds and billowing into cloudy fumes of destruction. Over and over we hear the screams of the people and see the blood on the streets and sidewalks. All the while we are grappling with what is happening, our minds unable to comprehend that which is incomprehensible. We cannot understand. We do not have the consciousness of evil to understand, but we do have a responsibility to help heal the evil. 

          This month's newsletter is dedicated to healing the violence, starting with the violence within each of us.


Be sure to read the article "Quan Yin and Compassion," an excerpt from The Found Child, the book I'm currently working on. A link to the article is at the bottom of the newsletter, on the left side. Click on "Diana's Blog."  



Phillip's Wisdom


The parts of the world where pockets of violence erupt will continue and escalate. Your job is to stay in peace. Many are in inner turmoil and this reflects in the behavior of many individuals and in the way of Earth's behavior in the form of weather patterns and earth disruptions.

                As new patterns emerge - as the creation of new life comes forth - this creates disharmony as many cling to old, worn-out patterns. The butting of heads, so to speak, comes about. As many have witnessed, even in the news media, which thrives on the sensational, reports are stronger of the humanitarian aid given after a tragic occurrence. This is the new era emerging. 



The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.

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Thank you Cindy Wood for your wonderful review on 

"I purchased this book several weeks ago and have been using it daily. I cannot praise it enough! Phillip, via Diana, seems to provide just the message I need to hear each and every day. Thank you, Phillip--and thank you, Diana, for this wonderful book!  

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Ways You Can Be of Service:



"We stand at a critical moment in earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future as the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward, we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms, we are one human family and one earth community with a common destiny. We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.

To realize these aspirations, we must decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility; that means every one of us identifying ourselves with the whole earth community as well as our local community. Because we are at once citizens of different nations and of one world in which the local and global are linked, every one of us shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of the human family and the larger living world." James O'Dea


What you can do today for peacemaking in your community and in the world:

  1. Make one change in your life that moves you toward love and away from fear. One small change vibrates greater energy as it moves through the world and creates bigger changes. One small change can change your entire life.
  2. Find a cause and take action. Get involved on a local, national, and/or international level.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen to help heal hunger.
  • Write a letter to government officials asking for sensible gun control checks and balances.
  • Comfort someone at a local battered women's shelter.
  • Talk to young people about bullying and help them find alternative ways of dealing with anger.
  • Use social media to promote love instead of your fears and angers.
  • Be part of animal rescue transport to help once homeless and abused animals move to their good forever homes.
  • Concentrate on what's right in the world, not on what's wrong.
  • Be grateful and stay in gratitude.

The list is endless. Change begins within and with each one of us. Make the change today to love, not fear and heal your life and help heal the world.  



 Healing the Violence


    We may not have the consciousness to understand violence, but we do have the responsibility to heal that part of ourselves that contributes to the environment that allows violence to take place. Every thought we have, every deed and action we take, contributes to either peace or violence. The hatred, anger, and anguish that causes one human being to take the life an another comes from that place of fear within each of us. Every time I am angry; every time I blame another; every time I lash out; every time I see another as less than me; every time I fret over what I don't have rather than being grateful for what I do have; every time I act or react out of fear rather than from a place of love, I am contributing to the impressionable young person who builds a bomb or picks up a gun to destroy lives.

                Every time I watch a movie and cheer for the violent triumph of the "good guys" over the "bad guys," I am contributing to the mind of the person who picks up a gun and takes the life of another. Every time I let go of reasonable and respectful discussion and settle an argument by yelling, I am contributing to the mind of a murderer. Every time I am disrespectful to another, I am contributing to the mind of the one who commits evil acts in the name of a god.

                Every thought we have, every deed we do, every action we take has energy that contributes to the consciousness of all. Once a word is spoken, a deed done, an action taken, that energy vibrates throughout eternity. Forever. Energy attracts like energy. It builds, and as it does, it grows in power.

                Love is always - always - more powerful than fear. Always. But it must be fed. In our world of surround sound and giant screens and constant input from social media, we have the opportunity to feed the love like never before. We have the opportunity - and the responsibility -  to fill our screens and walls - and our minds - with love, powerful love of thought and action.

                Our challenge in today's world is to not give in to fear, but instead day-by-day, breath-by-breath, thought-by-thought, person-by-person, exchange our fears for love. We catch ourselves when our frustration builds at another and instead of angry words, we bless the other with a smile, which blesses us as well. We listen to our thoughts of bias against a group and turn our thoughts into ones of tolerance, acceptance, and respect for those different from us. We let go our thoughts of not being good enough and instead practice kindness and generosity toward ourselves, which in turn teaches us compassion for all.

                We turn away from fear and embrace love day-by-day, breath-by-breath, thought-by-thought, deed-by-deed, person-by-person. It is in this way the consciousness of love grows greater than that of fear and we create a world of generosity, kindness, respect, and compassion - a world of love where the story is not one of evil and good fighting each other, but a story of love dancing with itself in the excitement and creation of life lived in abounded joy. 



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