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Did You Know that --

a recent "mouse study" shows that molecular remnants of early-life stress can be passed on to future generations.
     "The offspring of mice that suffered early-life stress show signs of the disturbance their parent experienced, researchers from the University of Zurich in Switzerland and their colleagues have found, pointing to a potential RNA-based mechanism by which trauma may be epigenetically inherited."

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Sacred Circle DVDs of the story, meditation, and messages and CDs of the meditation are available.

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Healing the Pain

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CD: Guided meditation into the deep healing into all the layers of you-- pain from this life, past lives, ancestral sorrow, gender grief, and even nationality guilt - and then help to heal the world.

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Our Sacred Self

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CD: Relieve stress in this guided meditation to heal your body, refresh your mind, and soothe your spirit.



Finding What's Right When It All Seems Wrong 

Sometimes our world seem to stand on end. Something happens, turning our world upside down and us inside out. Our normal has been knocked out from beneath us, and we need to find our way to a new level. Where do we even begin when what we really want to do is to curl up in bed and pull the covers over our heads. But we can't, so how do we find what's right when it all seems so wrong? That's the topic of this month's The Spiritual Path, which is dedicated to helping you find a way through those tough times.  

         As always, Phillip, my spirit guide, lends his wisdom, so be sure to read what he has to say in "Phillip's Wisdom." In "Ways You Can Be of Service To Yourself and Others," we offer  suggestions for ways you can help someone who needs a hand and loving heart.  

          You've heard it said by me and many others: our lives affect generations yet to come. Now science is proving the truth of that. Be sure to check out  "Did You Know?" to learn more. And please read my article, "Finding the Gift."          

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Phillip's Wisdom

The stress of what you judge as being bad comes from the judgment itself.  This, of course,  is a human trait. When seen from the spiritual    

 perspective, which gives you a larger perspective, you may see that which you judge as "bad" is not. That which is perceived as "bad" may actually be a blessing. Many have already learned this, thus the cliche, "a blessing in disguise."

                When you are in the stress of a situation, you have difficulty understanding the larger picture. This is when, if possible, you must step back to see the larger perspective. When that is not possible - because you are caught in the emotion of the situation - is when you must rely on hope that there is a larger perspective that you will be shown when you are ready to see.

                In the human story, there is good and bad. In the spiritual realm, these separations do not exist. As you live more from the spiritual understanding of the human experience you begin to believe there is neither good nor bad. As you come to understand what this means, you will come to know the bigger story.           




The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

is filled with wisdom to help you achieve mastery of your life. Use this book as your own private oracle. Receive your daily message or simply ask a question and open to any page for your answer.
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at, at Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookseller. Available as a paperback and e-book.

          More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.

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"Where have you been hiding this book? It's a God send. Thank you Phillip, and thank you Diana."   

Carol S.    


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Ways of Service

When your world seems upside down, ask for help. It's that simple and that difficult. Difficult because most of us have trouble asking for help. It also means we have to know that we need help and be willing to take the risk of asking and being refused. Sometimes all it takes though is letting a friend you trust know that all is not right with your world. It doesn't mean burdening the other with all your problems. It doesn't mean asking the other to take on your problems or to even fix them. It simply means you are asking for a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, or a kind word.  

          If you are the friend with someone who needs a helping hand, here are a few things you can do: 

  • Listen. Listen without judgment or even offering a solution unless one is asked for. Being present and listening is a generous gift that all of us can give.
  • Ask the person if they want you to accompany them to an appointment, or to call you after, the way my friend, Carolyn did. Just knowing another person cares means a lot and helps calm us.
  • Often when a person is in a stressful situation they don't know what they want or need. Use your intuition and send a card, gift, or suggest an outing. Don't over step your bounds, but do be there for the other.
  • Take care of yourself. When people are in need they may be draining others and not realizing it. To help others you must first take care of yourself. 



Finding the Gift 

Finding what's   

right in a world that's gone wrong is not an easy feat. But we must. The alternative is less pleasant and keeps us in stress and suffering and helps neither us nor the world. (Be sure to read this month's "Did You Know . . .") Finding the gift may come in a moment or days, weeks, even months, and in some cases even years, but there is always a gift, and it is up to us to be open to receiving it.

            In my own life, I can think of so many gifts that came through painful times. The work I do as a psychic reader and life transformational coach I could not do while my mother was alive. As painful as her death was to me, it freed me to help others in a larger way. When my marriage ended, my then husband said to me that he couldn't follow me where I had to go. We're still friends, and I've never regretted following my own path as difficult as it has been at times. A motorcycle spill that kept me in medical facilities for two months allowed me to better understand the medical community, so I can teach people in that industry Intuitive Health Care.

            Recently, in a flash of insight I received the gift of healing an old tape that played in my thoughts since childhood. After a visit to my dentist for a regular checkup, I learned that I was experiencing some gum challenges, and I needed to see a periodontist. This I was not happy about and I could think of several reasons why. The cost. The time. The pain. When I thought about it, I got stressed, so I made the appointment and did my best to bless my teeth and gums and put the appointment out of my mind.

            The day before the appointment I mentioned to a friend, Carolyn, that I was stressed about going to the periodontist. Being the friend that she is, she offered to go with me. That wasn't necessary, but it sure was comforting to know she was waiting for my call at the end of my time in the dental chair. I called her from the parking lot to give her the "bad news." She listened calmly, and I felt held and loved, which calmed me and gave me the opportunity to think through what was really going on. There was a deeper issue here.

            My stress had nothing to do with seeing a dentist. There's no stress associated with a dentist for me. I actually fall asleep in the dentist chair, so what was the stress that was triggered by the need to see a periodontist? It was a new experience, which can cause stress, but my life is far from routine and I thrive on new adventures, so it wasn't that. I had to look deeper. And when I did I found the answer while taking photos of a springtime pond and a pair of geese with a clan of new babies.

When I was a girl, I was given the message that I was not allowed to get sick. There wasn't time for it. My mother, a single mother raising two kids, had to be at work every day, which meant we had to be in school. I didn't miss a single day of school until I was in the eighth grade, and then it had to do with a young girl's moon time rather than an illness. We were healthy kids, and the only time I caught anything was when I lived with my grandmother who pampered me.

This message in itself can be a gift in that I seldom get sick, but if carried too far it keeps me from seeking medical help when I probably should. In the case of the periodontist it caused me stress. Once I understood the underlying cause of the stress, I was able to spend a little time reasoning with myself and repattering a worn out message that no longer works for my life.

Does that mean all the stress associated with going to a periodontist is gone? Probably not, but it does mean I'll be a lot more relaxed the next time I go. And it also means I just might take time to go for a physical preventative-care check-up.






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