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Flowers and bees communicate with one another about the amount and quality of pollen available using bioelectromagnetics. According to a study at the University of Bristol, flowers tell bees specific information, including how much pollen they have, if another bee has visited them recently, and what type of flower they are. Flowers and bees communicate effectively to aid bees in the work they do.












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Shamans and Shamanism  


Before 1970, I had never heard of a shaman. At the time, I lived in California where the in book was Carlos Castaneda's

The Teachings of Don Juan. A friend gave me a copy, with the instruction that it was a book that would change my life. I was not yet ready for that life change. Although I found the book about the training of a shaman fascinating, I was put off by the use of the hallucinogen ayahuasca, not so much because of the use of drugs, but because this particular drug caused vomiting. Ugh!

            I had a repulsion against anything that caused my stomach to turn over. Still, I was interested in the shaman's journey as one of healing, and I kept thinking there are other ways of reaching these alternative worlds. What I didn't realize at the time is that as a poet and someone with a very vivid imagination, I was already traveling to different worlds in alternative dimensions. It seemed normal to me. However, I was not traveling with an intention of healing as does the shaman, but as one who goes after words and story, which is what one level of the ancient Druids did, who were also shamanic healers. Years later I came to realize that my words and stories are healing to myself and others.

            Shortly after Castaneda came on the scene, Michael Harner, a respected anthropologist, became the modern-day leader of shamanism in this country. After shamanic training with the use of the psychoactive ayahuasca, Harner began using monotonous drumming to tap into the shaman's journey. About the same time, one of my teachers - Jean Houston (with whom in the 1990s I spent four years studying) - was conducting experiments with LSD. This was, of course, before this substance became illegal. Like Harner, Houston found the mind does not need hallucinogens to open to alternative dimensions. Houston began teaching a combination of physical and mental processes the way Harner used drumming to allow the mind to tap into other dimensions.

            Both Harner and Houston began publishing books that brought the universal experience and common principles and practices of healing to millions of interested people. They found - as I later learned while writing my master's thesis on sacred expressions throughout history - that the practices of a medicine person who travels to other worlds for healing is worldwide and part of the culture of nearly all indigenous peoples.

Traditionally, as Harner teaches us, the word "shaman" comes from Siberia, but it has become more universal. It has come to encompass both the medicine person of indigenous cultures who travels with a power animal/nagual/totem to other worlds to bring back healing and today's shaman who travels an inward journey of healing for self and for the planet.


Be sure to read the article "Creating the Blue Feather," a light-but profound-look at manifesting our reality. A link to the article is at the bottom of the newsletter, on the left side. Click on "Diana's Blog."





Phillip's Wisdom


The shaman has one purpose in the journey and that is one of healing, which may be for the individual or the collective. When the journey is for the individual, the purpose is to remove the cause of an illness, a disease that is causing an eruption in the spirit of the mind and body. This rip in the spirit can be caused by an outside influence or by the acceptance of an incorrect thought pattern.

            Then the journey is for the society as a whole, the purpose is the same - to heal a disruption in the ethereal body of the community. Once the tear in the fabric of the society is healed, the society itself can heal as long as the collective desires to do so. There must be a consensus. If the desire to heal does not exist, the society continues to remain unhealed until such time as the pattern changes.

            The shaman may take more than one journey to heal a being or society. This is the purpose of so many partaking of the memory of other lifetime experiences - to heal one's self and each other.




The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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Ways You Can Be of Service


Years ago, one of my teachers, Peter, told me about a shaman he had studied with (I believe in Ecuador, but not sure of my memory here). This shaman spent the greater part of his day weeping for his tribe and the night dancing and celebrating life. He was taking on and healing the tears of his tribe so they could live in joy. There are those days when I feel like that shaman, taking on the tears of the world - the tears of the people who have lost so much in the recent weather in our country - lives lost, loved ones lost or hurt, animals lost or hurt, homes and businesses lost; tears for people and animals in war-torn countries; tears for those living in violence, and for all who are sick, in pain, depressed, or unable to cope with their lives.

We all feel like this at times, that sense of being overwhelmed with our lives and with the suffering in the world. It is in these times, that we can feel helpless or we can take action. Whether we choose to pick up a weapon of destruction or spend our time in powerful and healing energy and prayer work, we all have a path to follow to help all humankind to live freely. My path is one of prayerful healing.

            I pray for myself, for the strength to get through the hard times. I pray for my family, for their health and wellbeing. I pray for the safety of my community. I pray for those around the world who have made their transition today. I pray for their families. I pray for those caught in weather, for those who have lost their lives, loved ones, or homes and businesses. I pray for those caught in violence, anger, or hatred that their hearts may be healed today and that they find a better life. I pray for the hungry that they be given food. I pray for the sick that they be healed. I pray for people in need of money that they receive all they need. I pray for everyone caught in war and revolution that freedom and peace be theirs.

            I pray, and I know as I pray someone, somewhere is praying for me, and I am grateful.

            Please know I am praying for you. Please join me in praying for others.





 The Shaman's Journey   

It was on my 50th birthday that I had a party and invited 50 of my friends. Each was asked to bring a present, but the catch was that they could not spend any money on the present. One of the women at the party, Vivain, brought a stone from Sedona, where she had studied with a shaman who explained to Vivian that the stone was not for her, but that she was to carry it to Ohio. He went onto say that Vivian was to give this stone to a shaman who did not yet know that she was a shaman.

           Vivian held onto the stone for several months, often looking at the stone and wondering if she'd ever find out who she was to pass it along to. Then came my birthday party, and Vivian knew the stone was to be given to me.

            When she put it into my hand and told me the story, I tried to withdraw. It had been years since I had thought about shamans and shamans' journeys. Now here I was being pulled back into this world of healing and I wasn't sure I wanted to go. Yet, our personal journeys have a way of pulling us back no matter how far away we may seem to venture, and eventually we learn that even the so-called venture away from ourselves is in truth just another avenue that leads us back to ourselves and the truth of who we are.

            Today, in spite of trying to not accept the stone, and at another time actually giving it away, the stone now sits on my altar or I often wear it as a wire-wrapped necklace. Whenever I do, others always take notice of it. Its energy - which I have long since come to respect - is strong with the shaman's healing energy, an energy I am blessed to share as I journey my shaman's journeys of healing.





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