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Did You Know that --

Rather than just building more and bigger pipes, Columbus, Ohio is taking a greener, more holistic approach and turning an infrastructural liability into an asset. This is part of a growing trend toward using green infrastructure to meet specific needs of utilities while generating a host of additional benefits for communities.


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Sacred Circles DVDs/CDs

Sacred Circle DVDs of the story, meditation, and messages and CDs of the meditation are available.

Rumi: Connecting with the Beloved

DVD: Hear the story of Rumi and his transformation from a scholar and teacher to a mystic and Sufi poet after his encounter with Shams of Tabriz. In a guided meditation, connect with the Beloved as you dance with Rumi and the whirling dervishes. Listen to psychic messages that will have meaning for your life.

CD:Guided meditation where you connect with the Beloved as you dance with Rumi and the whirling dervishes.

11 Dimensions

DVD: Explore our multidimensional universe with Diana as you learn about the 11 dimensions physicists have discovered, dimensions long known by psychics and poets and shamans and mystics. Travel to some of these dimensions in a guided meditation where you meet other yous, and then hear messages from Spirit that have meaning for everyone's life.

CD: Guided meditation where you travel to other dimensions to meet other yous and expand the possibilities open to you in this life.

Healing the Pain

DVD: Learn why we suffer and how to heal all the layers - pain from this life, past lives, ancestral sorrow, gender grief, and even nationality guilt - and learn how your healing helps the world. In a guided meditation, transform and heal your personal pain, and then add healing to the world. Finally, hear messages from Spirit that have meaning for everyone's life.

CD: Guided meditation into the deep healing into all the layers of you-- pain from this life, past lives, ancestral sorrow, gender grief, and even nationality guilt - and then help to heal the world.

The Generous Heart

DVD: In Ancient Egypt, each heart was weighed against a feather. A light, generous heart, which is needed as we move into a new dimension, spent eternity in bliss. Let your heart be transformed into a generous heart in the guided meditation. Includes psychic messages for personal and planetary healing.

CD: Relax in this guided meditation and let your heart be transformed into a generous heart.

Our Sacred Self

DVD: We create our experiences through our human self, our soul self, and our spirit self. Our human lives flow with greater joy and happiness when we live from the spirit self. In a guided meditation, heal an old pattern from a past life connected to this life, and then hear healing psychic messages.

CD: In this guided meditation, heal this life by getting in touch with a past life connected to the repeating pattern.


Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit 

DVD: Follow the story of Asclepius, ancient Greek god of the healing arts, and be transported to 4 BC in a guided meditation to the curative temple of Asclepius to heal your body, refresh your mind, and soothe your spirit. Includes psychic messages with wisdom of the oracle.

CD: Relieve stress in this guided meditation to heal your body, refresh your mind, and soothe your spirit.



Nature & Intuition

Living in rural Ohio where I can see the Milky Way on a clear night and be part of nature just by walking outside allows me to daily listen to and learn her signals. As a psychic, nature is important to me -- to both help me relax and commune with nature's wonders and to discern her signals to help my clients. Many of the photos I use in The Spiritual Path, such as the ones in this newsletter and on social media, are ones I've taken right outside my door or while on a walk near my home.

     Recently I was a guest on Voices of the Earth Radio with Carol Ohmart Behan, (see "Diana's Events" to listen to the show) which brought forth my thoughts about  how nature helps us deepen our intuition, which led to this month's topic.       

      As always, Phillip, my spirit guide, lends his wisdom, so be sure to read what he has to say in "Phillip's Wisdom." In "Ways of Service" are suggestions for ways nature can help you and ways you can help nature. Columbus, Ohio has found a way to cuts costs and a green way to improve the infrastructure. Read about it in "Did You Know that -- ? And please keep on scrolling to read

my article, "Nature's Gifts."    


Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition

intensive weekend workshop is coming in the fall of 2014. Details to be announced.        

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Phillip's Wisdom

Intuition is human instinct developed and refined to help people with proper direction. All sentient beings have instinct. Humans alone have intuition. Both help with survival. Intuition helps at a higher level.

            Intuition can and should be developed and refined. Doing so helps make life safer and easier for the individual, which spreads and helps others as well. Nature is always providing clues and answers for the person tuned in to awareness of those clues. This is where intuition plays a role. One must intuit what nature is saying by first being open to receiving the clues; next using intuition to know what is a clue; and finally being able to use intuition to understand the clue.

            For example, if a loved one has recently passed and a redbird keeps making its presence known to you, and your loved one always liked to watch the birds or enjoyed cardinals, your intuition will help you make the connection between the red bird vying for your attention and your loved one. Of course, not every redbird you see is a message from your loved one. This is where discernment must be used and intuition is put to the test.

            At another time, you might be out for a walk when your intuition guides you to turn left. You follow your intuition and are guided to a lovely garden that fills you with peace and hope, both of which were needed in your life at that exact time.

            You might be experiencing a physical malady. Your intuition guides you to a particular tree whose energy is healing to you. While standing with Tree, your intuition tells you to look to the right where you see a squirrel gathering nuts. The squirrel seems to have a message for you, so you listen with an open mind and a full heart. You listen with your intuition. Squirrel reminds you that it is time for you to put away a few dollars instead of squirreling away your money.

As you receive this message, you begin to realize that Tree's energy has intensified. You experience the Oneness with Tree and Squirrel and all that is. Your own energy increases and the malady you once felt begins to heal.

Nature helps you develop your intuition and your intuition helps you read the messages nature is always providing.




The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

is filled with wisdom to help you achieve mastery of your life. Use this book as your own private oracle. Receive your daily message or simply ask a question and open to any page for your answer.  

Order now at

at Amazon.com, at Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookseller. Available as a paperback and e-book.

          More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.  

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Carol S.    


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Ways of Service

Nature gives to us so much more than we give to her. Following are a few suggestions as to how nature can help you and how you can repay her.
     Ways nature can help you:

  • At the end of each day, or any time during the day that you are feeling drained, step out onto the earth. Shake your hands and imagine any excess or negative energy falling into Mother Earth. Allow yourself to feel cleansed and rejuvenated.
  • When you are feeling confused or blue, simply sit in nature. Let go of whatever is bothering you, and just be. Nature is a natural healer.
  • When you cannot sleep at night, instead of tossing and turning, imagine yourself in a beautiful spot in nature while listening to a recording of nature's melodies.

Ways you can help nature:

  • Recycle and repurpose. Instead of buying new, take a look around to see what you already have that you can you modify to fit your current need? Of course, take those papers and cans and bottles to the recycling center, or if you have curb side pick-up, use it.
  • Plant a tree or have a tree planted as a gift or memorial for someone you care about.
  • Turn off unused appliances including your computer.
  • For 50 ways to help the plant, click here: http://www.50waystohelp.com/  



Nature's Gifts  

I live in the woods at the end of a long lane, surrounded by farm fields. The closest town is a crossroads with a two-way stop sign and a volunteer fire department. Once a city girl, I now have more than one foot in the country. I love my visits to the city, an hour drive away, and then I cherish coming home where the sky is full of stars, the trees frogs sing me to sleep at night and the songbirds wake me in the morning.

It is here, in the melody of nature's harmony, that I have deepened my intuitive abilities and learned a language once unbeknownst to me. It is here, where wild daisies and Queen Anne's lace grow wild along the fence line and dandelions grow as big as a wish, that I have learned to hear the call of Red Tail Hawk and listen to the message from the Divine. It is here, where faeries and fireflies flit and flitter among tall trees, that great stones tell their stories of ancient lore, and I move into portals of nature that cross into realms of other times and other worlds, and everywhere I look there is a message.

Within the apple tree branch hanging low from another night's storm are the shoulders of Mother Nature calling for healing of her planet and the shoulders of all who carry burdens not their own. When rabbit scurries past, I hear the message of fear, and when rabbit sit and watches, I hear the message of abundance. When deer meander in the meadow, I hear the message of patience and loyalty. When trees sway high in summer breezes, I hear the message of reach for the sky, but stay grounded.

As I walk the land, I am given a stone shaped like a heart and told to keep my heart open and filled with love. As I walk down to the creek, I am told to allow life to flow as does the water. As I walk through the woods, I see the sun's streaming through, and I am told to open to beauty and let sun stream into my life.

Everywhere I walk, everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, with everything I hear, there is a message, and with each message I receive my life is enriched, guided, and blessed. And I am grateful. 





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