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Do You Know ?

Our solar system's biggest mountain is on Mars.

Olympus Mons on Mars is the tallest mountainon any of the planets of the Solar System. The mountain is a gigantic shield volcano (similar to volcanoes found in the Hawaiian Islands) standing at 26 kilometers tall and sprawling 600 kilometers across. To put this into scale, this makes the mountain almost three times the height of Mount Everest.












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A Generous Heart   

In Ancient Egypt, the heart of the deceased was placed on one side of a scale. A feather was on the other side of the scale. If your heart was lighter than a feather, you were blessed with an eternity of bliss. If your heart were found to be heavier than a feather, well . . . let's just say the idea of heaven and hell came along well before the time of Christianity, and Dante had nothing on the Egyptians.

                A light heart was one without malice, anger, or lack of kindness toward others. It was a heart of compassion and love - a generous heart. Today, as our world shifts into its new dimension, we are being called to live with a generous heart - to let go of the fears and move into love; to live in a place where we see plenty instead of lack; a place where we understand instead of judge; a place where we give without expectation and receive without limitation; a place where we trust that we are always in the right place at the right time and all is unfolding according to a higher purpose.



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Phillip's Wisdom


A generous heart is an enlightened heart. An enlightened heart is a grateful heart. Once the mind accepts that all is given to you, that life lives through you, then you are able to understand that all you need is provided, so it is easy to share that which you are given. Understand that you are One simply expressing in a different manner just as the right hand expresses differently than the left foot, but both are part of the same oneness of you. When you understand this, you then understand you are giving to yourself as you give to the other.

                When you live in lack and clutch at what you have, your heart ceases to be generous. When you cease to be generous, life ceases to be generous with you.






The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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Ways You Can Be of Service


I grew up tithing, giving back a portion of my income. I still tithe that which I am given, knowing that which I give comes back to me tenfold. Still, sometimes, when I am feeling lack, it's hard to write out that check or to give without expectations of anything coming back. And sometimes it's overwhelming the offers that come in the mail for people and organizations in need of money. How do we sort it all out? Here are a few guidelines that help me. I trust they will also help you.


Moving from a feeling of lack to a generous heart.

When I have trouble writing out that check, I don't force myself to do so. Instead, I take a moment or two and journal as to why I'm feeling lack. Then I write down a few things for which I'm grateful. This usually works, but if I'm still feeling lack, or if the feeling of lack returns when I pick up the check, I do not mail or deliver it immediately. I put the check aside for an hour or day or so. Before long as I think about the check and how this money will help others instead of my lack, no matter what my bank account says, I will start feeling okay about giving and be able to send the check on its way.


How do we choose to whom to give money where there are so many who are worthy?

Our personal values will help us make the choices as to where we send our tithe. Here are my choices:

1.      Spiritual sources that feed me. I give to teachers and healers who have helped me along my spiritual path; to writers, authors, and speakers who inspire me; and to other newsletters and magazines that spark me for information I use in this newsletter and other writings.

2.      Shelters that feed and house the homeless. People feed me, so I help feed people.

3.      Shelters for animals and wildlife conservation organizations. Animals nourish me, so I help to nourish and rescue them.

4.      Nature conservatories.Nature heals me, so I want to help keep nature healthy.

What do we do with all the mail from other worthy causes?

We can't help everyone, nor are we asked to. That's where discernment comes into play. What we can do is to say a simple prayer. With intent and a gracious heart, bless the organization and thank them for the good work they do. Then put the paperwork into the recycle bin, no guilty conscious allowed.


Is tithing always money?

No, we also want to tithe our time and talents. I may be asked by Spirit to give away a reading, for example, or to give someone one of my books - or this newsletter - because I believe in passing along that which I have learned from my studies and experience.

I have given volunteer hours to soup kitchens, literacy programs, and animal shelters. Others have given way more to me than I could ever give to others. For example, a few weeks ago, several people came to plant flowers and help with the land where I live. When I was in rehab after a motorcycle spill, friends brought me clothes, food, books, laughter, flowers, and they brought me their friendship.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to another is to be present for them and to listen, just listen with a generous heart.






 Giving and Receiving 

Giving and receiving is one cycle just as the in breath and the out breath are one. Breathing in we receive, breathing out we give, one breath inseparable until the final breath that separates us from our body. When we live with a generous heart, we live in the balance of giving and receiving as one, neither only being the giver nor shutting down our ability to be the receiver.

Without giving and receiving as one, there is no balance. There is only the breath in without the breath out or the breath out without the breath in. When we give without receiving, we feel safe. As long as I am giving to you, you are beholden to me; you must love me, because look how much I give to you; you can never leave me, because I give you so much, etc. When we shut down our receiving, we also feel safe. I don't owe anyone anything; no one ever wants to help me, but I don't need their help; people always expect something in return; I don't like feeling beholden to anyone, etc. When we treat giving and receiving as separate, we are not free to have healthy, balanced relationships. We are not living with a generous heart.

Recently, I was entering the checkout line at the grocery store when a lady pushed her cart in front of me. I veered and moved over to the next aisle. She then pulled back and also veered to the same aisle so quickly that I had to jump back. For some reason, she needed to be in front of me at the checkout lane, and I could either accept that and live with a generous heart or spend the waiting time in frustration. In that moment of time, I chose the former and stayed in the peace and harmony of a generous heart.

                When we choose the generous heart, Spirit works through us in miraculous ways that are beneficial to us and to others. As it turned out, the lady did not have enough money to pay for her purchases. She was 66 cents short. I'm sure you know what happened next. I was able to give her $1, something most of us would do, but there's more to this story.

                Only moments before, I had been in a place of lack, feeling frustrated because of the need to watch what I spent because of a low cash flow. When the lady cut in front of me, my frustration intensified. When she cut in front of me a second time, I made the conscious decision to change my experience by moving into a generous heart. When we move into a generous heart, life becomes lighter and brighter, and our awareness heightens. (How many times has someone in front of us needed help, but our awareness was not lit by a generous heart, so we were unaware of the other's need?) When I moved into a generous heart, I became aware of the lady's need, and I was able to help.

                "Thank you," she said. Without looking at me, she asked for my name and address to repay me.

                "Pass it forward," I said.

                She then turned and looked at me, and I saw a woman beaten down by life. One side of her mouth drooped by Bell's Palsy or a stroke. Her tee shirt was misshapen and hung loose around her neck and shoulders, which were hunched over in weariness. Our eyes met, locked, and love entered. I felt her gratitude in my heart, and my heart was lifted and filled with gratitude, gladdened that I had been at the right place at the right time to give $1 to someone who gave so much more to me in our Divine Dance.

                Giving: out breath; in breath: receiving. In the mail that afternoon, there was a generous check from someone who wanted to say thanks for helping him along his spiritual path. That evening a friend bought me dinner to say thanks for helping her through her dog's illness. The next day, another friend paid my way into a festival, just because.

                It always comes around, this giving and receiving. Always. Whatever we need, whenever we need it, is ours to receive and we are always in the right place at the right time to pass along that which we are to give. Always. As long as we live with a generous heart.

                Breathing in and breathing out; giving and receiving. One.








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