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*  Ancient Altar
*  Phillip's Wisdom
*  The Master's Book of Answers
*  Did You Know?
*  Ways You Can Be of Service
*  Creating Your Home Altar
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Do You Know ?

Noah, the ark builder, was the first person to erect an altar in the Bible as told in the book of Genesis. After the flood, Noah built an altar to sacrifice some of the chosen animals to God.







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Ancient Altar    

Before the time of recorded history, our ancestor brushed away nature's debris from a flat, raised stone that rested beneath a yew tree. Upon the stone, he placed a small stone and handful of soil from his travels, the horns of the antelope that fed his people, the feather of the raven that led them on their walk to the hunting land, and a small bladder of water. Sun filtered through the tree and danced on the ancient altar and a gentle breeze floated over the air.


With great care, the ancestor touched each item on the stone, and as he did, he raised his voice in a series of sounds to the great mystery that both provides and destroys; to thank that which brings forth and sustains life and appease that which in its awful power can take away all that it has given.


He did not have a name for this ritual he performed, nor did he know that his descendants would give a name to this focal point of sacred worship. They would call it an altar. And down through the ages, from generation to generation, people from all cultures, from all places on this earth, would -- like our ancestor -- erect altars of earth and stone and wood to the gods and the goddesses and on which sacrifices were made, incense burned, food and flowers given, and where scripts and sacred books were laid.


The altar, a vital point of reverence for the divine, remains a central part of prayer, meditation, and worship still today. They are in sacred groves and meadows, in our temples and churches and shrines. And they are in our homes, a reminder of our daily devotion.


In this issue of The Spiritual Path, we explore altars including information on how to create a meditation and prayer altar in your home, how having an altar helps to heal you and the world, and of course Phillip's wisdom on altars.


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Phillip's Wisdom


Erratic weather patterns shall continue around the world as sun flares continue to produce changes in the atmospheric energy. The human body will -- and must -- adjust to changing patterns in temperatures as the degrees of hot and cold will continue to fluctuate. The amount of electricity used to try to tame the temperature for comfort will not alter the human body, but the human can make these alterations.


When you find yourself cold, a few quick breaths will alter the body temperature. To cool the body, the breath should be slow and deep. Couple the breath with imagery and thought and alternating the body temperature to a more comfortable temperature level is possible.


Humans have always been able to change their body temperature -- as are all animals -- but they have forgotten how. Time spent daily at their prayer and meditation altar can remedy this and bring back the memory of body temperature alteration.


As humans begin to take responsibility for the regulation of their own internal thermostat, they will then come to realize that they are also able to alter the earth's temperature. Currently there is a lack of awareness of the connection between the earth's behavior and that of the human species. This is changing and will continue to change as more awareness comes into focus of how human thought patterns affect the world and her atmosphere.





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Ways You Can Be of Service


The greatest service we can provide to others is to heal our own lives. When we heal our lives or patterns that do not serve life, that healing reverberates across time and space and helps to heal another of that pattern. An altar helps with healing because it provides a focal point for the healing energy.


In all the programs I provide -- Sacred Circles, Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition, and other gatherings -- I set up an altar with my sacred objects, and then invite people to place something that is sacred to them on the altar. The altar completes our sacred circles, and these objects hold the healing energy of the circle. Sharing in this ritual adds to the healing energy of the participants, which in turn adds to the healing energy of the world.


Whenever you participate in a healing circle with others, or sit alone in front of your home altar, with the intent to cleanse yourself and change unwanted patterns and add compassion and love to the world, you are helping to take our world to a higher level of love and greater humanity for all sentient beings and for our planet, and I thank you.






 Creating Your Home Altar 


An altar is a focal point for your daily meditation and prayer. It is for the placing of sacred objects that have meaning to you and will aid you with your devotion by holding the energy of your intent. Your altar does not have to be large, but it should be in a space that will be respected by all family members and where you can sit quietly and undistributed.


What should you place on the altar?

I have three altars, one in my home, one in the Eagles' Nest where we hold workshops and gatherings, and a traveling altar for Sacred Circle and other away programs. My home altar is a small table on which I honor the two sides of my heritage-Celtic (Irish and Scottish) and Native American (Delaware). In the center I have a candle that represents fire, flanked by representatives of the wind (a feather), water (a small decanter of water from the sacred well of Glastonbury), stones from Ireland and the sacred land where I live, and a deer to represent those who live on this land and all animals. Placed around these objects, there are various items that hold special meaning.

For your altar, you will want to find those objects that are sacred to you. For example, if you are a Christian, you might place a photo of Jesus or a statue of Mother Mary on your altar. If you are a devotee of a guru, you would have a photo of that person; a Buddhist might have a statue of the Buddha. You could leave mala beads, a rosary, or other prayer beads on your altar. You might add a medicine bag, tobacco, and sage if you follow Native American tradition or a sword, Celtic cross, or Bridget's cross to honor the Celtic tradition. You could add stones that came from sacred land, crystals, and seeds. A shaman's altar includes replicates of the power animal(s). If angles guide and protect you, place statues or photos of angels on your altar. Whatever items you place on your altar should be used only for this spiritual purpose.


You may choose to cover your altar with a cloth of natural fiber. I use a piece of leather for two of my altars and leave one without cover and use the natural wood of the table. Burning incense or sage cleanses and adds a focal aroma to your meditation.


Once you have your altar set up, you will want to concentrate it. You may wish to spread tobacco over it, burn incense or sage and ask the divine to bless your meditation and prayers to help you heal and deepen that you may then be of greater service to all in our world.





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