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*  September 11 and 11 Dimensions
*  Phillip's Wisdom
*  The Master's Book of Answers
*  Did You Know?
*  Ways You Can Be of Service
*  11 Dimensions
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Do You Know ?

The first 'hard evidence' that other universes exist has been found by scientists.

Cosmologists studying a map of the universe from data gathered by the Planck spacecraft have concluded that it shows anomalies that can only have been caused by the gravitational pull of other universes.

The map shows radiation from the Big Bang 13.8billion years ago that is still detectable in the universe - known as cosmic microwave radiation.            

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September 11 and 11 Dimensions 


On this day, we all stop for a moment in meditative silence and say a prayer. We remember those who left this world so horrifically on 9/11 and hold in love those whose hearts were broken so tragically. It is not a time to hold anger for the events of that day, but instead to reach beyond our pain to compassionate healing for all peoples everywhere.



As science delves deeper into life's mystery, the gap between physics and metaphysics narrows. Dimensions that psychics and poets, shamans and mystics, and those who naturally travel through different dimensions to reach into other worlds have long known exist are being recognized and established by physicists. The String Theory and the M Theory have done much to bring about the understanding and acceptance of a multiple dimensional universe, the existence of multiple universes, and how all life is connected and influenced through dimensions.

          I'm a poet not a scientist, and I make no claims to have more than a surface understanding of the physicists' theories. Nonetheless, in this issue of The Spiritual Path I do attempt to give some spiritual understanding to the 11 dimensions thus far discovered. So be sure to scroll down and read the article "11 Dimensions" to learn a bit about a mixture of the string theory, the M theory and my theory to gain some understanding of each dimension and why knowledge of these different dimensions is important. Before you get there, take a look at what Phillip has to say; read what cosmologists have learned about other universes; and read how you can be of service this month.



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Phillip's Wisdom


In the master teacher Jesus, we have both the deeply religious man and the spiritual being who saw what was not working in his -- and others' -- practices of rites and rituals. He took this to the next step of the devoted and communed directly with God, as have mystics through the ages. In doing so, he became the mystic whose union with God gave him a charismatic understanding of life and her people. He had deep insight into the motives of another; he was able to heal another; he told stories of truth; he gave the knowledge of direct insight into God to all who would listen; he lived love, divine love that whoever shall wish shall enjoy.

History shows us that the mystic, those with direct union with God who seem to be given "special" powers because of this mystical union, are both adored and feared. The divine powers of seeing beyond the veils that separate our humanness from all that life truly is, is both awesome in its brilliant light and terrifying in its brilliant light. More than once in the First Testament of the Bible, man is warned that to see God directly will destroy him, and yet it is that direct union with God that the mystic seeks so fervently and that others fear.

These powers bestowed upon the mystic -- those of healing, clairvoyance, and a psychic ability to see beyond the veils of illusions to truth -- are feared precisely because they give the seer insight into the truth of one who cannot -- or does not wish to -- see their own truth. If we are tied to the story we have thus far lived, changing that which is familiar raises fear within us, and anyone who challenges our thinking must be dealt with.

However, this is only part of why these teachings of Jesus and other masters of the same mystical divine abilities and knowledge have not been widespread. There is a much less sinister reason than fear of truth and yet it is rooted in the same.

The powers and abilities that come from the knowledge of God must be handled with the deepest of love and understanding. This is given to the individual through initiation form teacher to student. Not all initiates gain the wisdom needed to pass along the knowledge and use the powers. This is why the truths were imparted only to those who were able to carry the burden of the knowledge.

As the initiates grew, some became wise in the abilities and knowledge and used them wisely. Some were unable to grasp the abilities, but were wise in the knowledge. Others were adept in the abilities and grasped the knowledge, but lacked the wisdom to use the powers through love.

What was taught to Jesus was given to him to pass to others, but the fear in the world was too great and the masses not yet prepared for the ancient wisdoms to be common knowledge. Unfortunately this causes a misuse of power, which causes a recession of the knowledge to return to only those who are most devout in their study and who will succeed in directing the life force properly.

Throughout history there have been those who have the wisdom to understand and properly use - and instruct others to use - the mystical powers of divine healing and insights into the true nature of the other. Jesus was one such person of which we speak, but by far not the only one. Witnessing in this life epoch are those with hearts of love who wish the mystic's divine healing power, but lack the knowledge. There are those who have the knowledge without the direct experience. One without the other can produce an incomplete juncture, which brings forth incomplete healing, false information, or injury to one's person or psyche.

The new initiate must remember a lifetime of devotion is required as it was when Jesus walked the desert. The heart must be pure, the knowledge gained. It is only then, when Light and Love are in balance that wisdom is sufficient for the healer to heal and the seer to see.





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11 Dimensions 


Think about reality. What is it really? Is a table real? We think so, but when we look deeper, we see a different reality. We experience the table as being solid, but scientist can see a different reality and they tell us the table is made up of millions of swirling particles, which doesn't sound like something solid at all.

What if all around us there are different realities simply vibrating at a different frequency -- in different dimensions? We aren't aware of these other dimensions -- these parallel worlds -- because of the frequency at which we vibrate. Take stones for example. Have you ever looked at stones? Really looked at stones? We think they are inanimate objects, but when you look at stones with a different perspective, you see faces -- stone people as the Native Americans call them. What if these stone people are having a party going on all the time and don't invite us? What if we could tune in to their frequency and join their party?

What if parallel worlds exist right here where we are, and we could -- at will -- move in to them? What if every major choice we make creates a parallel world where that other choice is living out another life? It's all a little mind boggling, isn't it?

In quantum physics -- depending on who you listen to -- physicists believe there are either 10 or 11 dimensions. On the surface, that sounds like something that might be pretty easy to grasp -- that is until we start looking at what those different dimensions are. So let's start at the beginning with the first dimension.

The first dimension has no depth, no width, no up or down. It's just a dot, no length, width, or depth. The second dimension has only length and width, but no depth. In the second dimension, you can go forward, backward, left or right, but you cannot go up or down. Photographs are two-dimensional. In the second dimension, a ball has no curves. It looks like a flat circle.

            If you live in a two-dimensional world, you would probably find the three-dimensional world a very scary place. Imagine what a two-dimensional flat circle might think if he saw a three-dimensional ball. Scary. Scary. Scary!

If you live in a two-dimensional world, you cannot see into the third dimension, but if you live in the third dimension, you can see lower dimensions. Since we humans live in the third dimension, we can see everything in the two dimension world -- but -- and this is a big but -- we may not be able to see into the higher dimensions -- at least not until now -- or unless you're a psychic or a shaman or mystic or a poet, maybe.

In the mystery schools of the past, students were instructed on how to safely move among these higher worlds. These secrets were only given to a few because most people were not ready. In the energy in this current epoch, it is easier to move between dimensions than at any time in our recorded history, and to do so safely and fairly easily. Everyone -- everyone -- who is willing to learn can grasp this knowledge and remember what we did so naturally eons ago. We've just forgotten how to maneuver among different dimension, but today many are remembering.

The fourth dimension is time. In the third dimension, we see moment by moment, but in the fourth dimension, we see the entire timeline of our lives -- from birth to death -- and we can see this entire timeline all at once because in the fourth dimension we are able to see that everything happens all at once. So time as we know it in the third dimension does not exist in the fourth dimension, because everything in the present moment is all happening at the same time.   

In the fifth dimension, we meet parallel worlds. For every major choice you've made, there is a parallel world that exist with the other you that is living the other choice. For example, in this life, I have no two-legged children, only four-legged ones. But two worlds over, I am the married Diana with a couple of two-legged children. In this world I live in the country. Three worlds over I live in New York City and I'm a very successful playwright. Thirteen worlds over I'm a long-legged man who spends his days riding his motorcycle across the country. In another world over, I'm part of an Irish folk rock band. These last two are not from choices in this life, but from other lives. Read on. 

            Here's where it gets really mind boggling. Every you in every parallel world is making choices that then create another parallel world influenced by that you's choices. In the fifth dimension, we can jump back in time to what we call past lives; jump forward in time to future lives; or jump through to the sixth dimension, where you can visit all the possible timelines of all your possible lives. If that isn't mind-boggling enough, in the seventh dimension, we can see all the possibilities of our universe since the big bang theory. As we keep on going through the higher dimensions, we can see all the different universes with all their laws. For example, in our universe, we have the law of gravity, which means we are subject to that law, but other universes have other laws.

A friend and I were talking about the laws of this universe and moving into other dimensions. He said that when he tried to move forward, he felt a resistance, and then he heard a speaker say that we cannot move faster than the speed of light, so when we move between dimensions we have to move to one side or the other. I thought about that and got really excited because that's how I move into parallel lives -- I move either left or right.

And then I began to think about that some more and thought I don't always move from side to side, so I asked myself when do I move forward or backward and when do I move from side to side. I move from side to side when I'm subject to the laws of this universe, but when I'm moving into the higher dimensions -- those above the seventh dimension -- the eighth dimension or higher -- I move either forward or backward without resistance. I'm not saying you should move through resistance, but you might want to stop to think about what is going on.

When we get into the ninth dimension, we can see possible timelines for other universes. The tenth and eleventh dimensions contain all possibilities for all universes, and quite frankly as vivid and wild as my imagination is, I can't imagine all possibilities for all universes.

So why is all this important to us individually? For a couple of reasons. It expands us as we expand our knowledge and have some grasp -- however small -- of the grandeur of life and the greatness of our own lives. It also allows us to tap into these other lives and visit ourselves in other expressions and lend assistance to those lives or bring back gifts from those lives to this life. Moving through dimensions also allows us to connect with loved ones who have crossed over and with those other worlds in which we are still together.





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