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*  Healing
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*  The Master's Book of Answers
*  Did You Know?
*  Ways You Can Be of Service
*  The Energy and Grace of Abundant Prosperity
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Just a little turkey trivia about a popular holiday meal: U.S. turkey consumption has increased 102 percent since 1970, with Americans eating nearly 16.1 pounds per person.







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Abundant Prosperity 

One year ago today on my birthday I began

The Spiritual Path

newsletter. Like most of you probably feel, the year has flown by, and yet a year ago seems so long away now. I am reminded of the refrain from my book23 Days/A Celtic Journey: "And all the world has changed, yet nothing has changed at all." As I think over this year with the newsletter, I wonder how to make it more interesting, how to make it of more value to people, how to reach more people. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please let me know your thoughts.


In this issue, we address money, which is an issue in many of our lives. Certainly it has been an issue in my life, so I decided - selfishly - that maybe if I put it all together, organized in this newsletter, I'll better understand my relationship with money and wealth. For years we've been hearing - and practicing - wealth building by using the Law of Attraction, but it doesn't always work. Why? I've come to understand that what so many of us have been doing is to stand outside the desire and trying to manifest it in our lives by visualizing and pulling it to us. Now this works to some extent, but not for the long and high haul. To have that which we desire in our lives, we first must embody it; we must become the energy of it.


So when it comes to abundant prosperity we must desire it, understand it, cleanse all that is unlike abundant prosperity (this is the hard part, but for help see the October 11, 2012 issue) and live it to the highest of our abilities, which doesn't necessarily mean spending money, but does mean living in the energy and grace of abundant wealth. My desire is that the information in this newsletter will help you do just that.



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Phillip's Wisdom


It is not that you must go in search of anything. It is that once you have gathered the right ingredients together, you then must become that for which you have gathered the ingredients. This is what is meant by "Seek ye first the kingdom of God within." There is nothing you can find outside of you that does not come from within you, though you.


When we say to gather the right ingredients, we are instructing you to bring into awareness thoughts and emotions that align with the energy of that which you desire. To have unlimited prosperity, you must have the consciousness of what this is. To have a spiritual partnership with wealth, you must align with the energy of this. To do so requires the healing and clearing away of all that is not in alignment of what you desire. This is where most fail, because of being unwilling to go through the cleansing and healing process, and then realigning the awakened consciousness with the newly found understanding of the higher consciousness of the desire.


To just say, "I desire unlimited prosperity," opens the door to the process. One then is given opportunity to begin the alignment with the energy of unlimited prosperity. The cleansing removes the obstacles in the thinking that is unlike unlimited prosperity. The healing then is repatterning thought patterns and rewiring brain patterns that have kept you from the desire of unlimited prosperity.


Even as the cleansing and healing are taking place, new patterns of unlimited prosperity are forming and the results are manifesting in your life. Once the cleansing and healing are complete, new thought patterns emerge with the new energy of the desire. No longer are you trying to visualize unlimited prosperity and pull it to you, but instead you are now the vision itself of unlimited prosperity because you have entered into - and become one with - its energetic flow.


To clarify what we have said, imagine you are 120 volts and that which you desire - unlimited prosperity - is 220 volts. To switch from 120 to 220 requires some rewiring.




The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.

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Jennifer A.    


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Ways You Can Be of Service


To prosper we must keep our wealth in circulation, which means we must give as well as receive. When we are not giving, we are in the energy of lack. When we give freely from our hearts, we are open to receiving more. We are telling the Energy that we are so grateful for what we have so generously been given that we have plenty to share, and so we do.


How do we decide who to give to?

Although you must make you own decisions, my rule of thumb is to give to my spiritual sources and to give to that which helps others. My spiritual sources are my teachers and healers, animals, and nature. I help others by supporting the local food kitchen and homeless shelter in my community.


When we send a check, we are expressing our gratitude for what we have received from this person or organization and to help them continue their work to help others.


We can't give to everyone who asks, so what do with all the requests?

Like many of you, my mailbox is stuffed with requests for donations. We can't give to everyone, so here's what I do. While holding the request in my hand, I bless them and their work, and then I put the request in the recycle box. The blessing thanks them for the work they do and helps to hold the energy for them to receive that which they need.


What is the right amount to give?

As a child I was taught to tithe, which is 10 percent of your income. Sometimes that may feel like more than you are able to do, but what you can do is to set an amount - say 5 percent of your gross income - and consistently give that amount. Then when you are feeling abundant prosperity, you can write an extra check just to say thank you to Spirit for giving you so much. Eventually you'll be able to give 10 percent consistently with an open heart and deep gratitude for having so much.




The Energy and Grace of Abundant Prosperity  

To have abundant prosperity in our lives requires a mix of both the mundane and spiritual. As we are both human and spirit, we need a balance of harmonies to be the energy and grace of abundant prosperity. The following suggestions are to help you find - and keep - that balance.


Honoring Money

Too often we equate money with greed, but money can be a spiritual source. It can help our lives be more comfortable and it can help many, many others. We need to recognize that money is a helpful tool, that there is nothing inherently evil about money, and having a lot of money may allow us to serve even more. Money buys medicine for the sick, food for the hungry, homes for the homeless. Money allows research to find answers to help humanity live in more harmony with all life and build a brighter future for all the children of the world.


Greed and misuse of money is a fact of the reality of our world today, but do not put your concentration there. As someone on the spiritual path, keep your focus on how abundant prosperity can help make your life and all life better.


Create a Relationship with Money

What is your relationship with money? I've learned over the years that I get bored with money, so to have abundant prosperity, I've had to change my attitude. I've had to make money fun and I've had to change my attitude to convince myself that money is good and it brings me great happiness and allows me to serve others with greater devotion. If I'm worried about paying the mortgage, I can't serve my clients as well as when I know all that I need is provided for. One allows me to serve from a fullness of my heart; the other from a place of lack.


Like any relationship when we are concentrating on the goodness of the relationship, more of the goodness manifest in our lives.


Staying In Integrity with Money

Be honest with yourself and others. It's that simple and yet it can seem so difficult at times. Whatever we owe - to an individual, to an institution, or to the government - we must pay.


My bane is record keeping for taxes. Quite frankly, it's a pain to keep meticulous records. People pay me for psychic readings and coaching sessions by check; Sacred Circle donations are in cash. It would be so much easier if I didn't have to take time to report this money, to add it all up at the end of every month and again at the end of the year, and to pay taxes for that which I don't support in my heart. But it's not about the tax man and me. It's about my telling the Universe I am grateful for all that I have been given this year and that I can afford to pay that which is asked of me. Certainly I don't pay any more than is asked of me, but I must pay what is asked or be open and honest about choosing to not pay because I am taking a stand, and be prepared to pay the consequences.


Live with a Generous Heart and Collect Your Debts

Be generous; allow money to move in and through you, and at the same time, respect yourself and money enough that you collect any money owed to you. If you cannot collect the debt, then make a conscious decision to write it off and change the energy from a debt to a donation.


Practice the Practice

Create your vision boards, read magazines about wealth, and practice the tools that help you manifest. Dig into your attitudes about money and change them to ones that create wealth instead of pushing it away. Go pretend shopping, learn about investing, join or start a money-making club, write yourself large checks (don't cash them) and post them where you can see them, go for a walk and chant an affirmation, and when you visualize money put yourself in the vision. Keep practicing until you become the vision and embody abundant prosperity.


God is your source.

By whatever name God/Universe/Spirit/love/Energy, this is your source of all abundance. No other. You may think your job is your source, but your job may end. You may think a person is your source, but not so. God/Universe/Spirit/love/Energy, this is your source of all abundance. Remember this.


Be Practical

Live within your means while you are cleansing and clearing and changing your attitude to allow you to manifest abundant prosperity.






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Love & Blessings,

Diana Rankin
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