December 11,  2013



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Some scientists believe that biological intelligence is a fleeting phase in the evolution of the universe. According to The Daily Galaxy: "During an epoch of dramatic climate change 200,000 years ago,Homo sapiens (modern humans) evolved in Africa. Several leading scientists are asking: Is the human species entering a new evolutionary, post-biological inflection point? Paul Davies, a British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist and Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science and Co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University, says that any aliens exploring the universe will be AI-empowered machines. Not only are machines better able to endure extended exposure to the conditions of space, but they have the potential to develop intelligence far beyond the capacity of the human brain."


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Radical Gratitude

There is one thing above all else that we can do to live a fulfilling and satisfying life, to daily feel the joy and experience the happiness of life. That one thing is to live in gratitude. When we live in gratitude for what we have, for that which we have had in our lives even though it may no longer be there, and for that which we desire as though it is already in our lives, we change our lives, how we experience our lives, and that which manifests in our lives.

This month's The Spiritual Path is all about gratitude, radical gratitude. Practicing radical gratitude is life changing. Although not always easy to do, practicing radical gratitude is a day-by-day commitment to yourself to have the life that you have up-to-now only dreamed possible.

To learn more about how to practice radical gratitude, keep reading. Make sure you read "Phillip's Wisdom." Phillip, my beloved spirit guide always goes right to the heart of the issue and gives us the spiritual perspective. Keep on reading to make sure you find suggested ways to be of service when practicing radical gratitude. To learn more about the meaning of the opening paragraph in this section, be sure to read "Practicing Radical Gratitude."


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Phillip's Wisdom

Gratitude, or thankfulness as some say, is a state of grace that produces in you an energy that creates the life you are meant to have. By this is meant that gratitude begets joy.

            When living in gratitude, you live without expectations of what you think life should be and instead live in a state of acceptance. This simple shift allows you to be love. When you are love, love comes to you in all the glories love has to offer. Instead of expecting love to come in one form and from one direction, you open to receive love returned from multiple forms and multiple directions.

            This is not to say you should never plan or never ask for your needs to be met. Quite the opposite. It is the manner in which you ask and the expectations of receiving. The asking for and receiving from may not come from the source you expect.

            You must always begin by remembering your true source, which is the God Head. Some may call this God, Goddess, Spirit, Universe, or Universal Love. By whatever name, your source is the Divine Energy that works through all life. Free will gives each human the right to accept or refuse your asking. There in is where humans see the conflict, but in truth there is no conflict. That for which you ask does come to you; however, it may come in a different form and/or from a different source than you expected. If you are tied by your expectations, you are unable to see that you are being given that for which you asked.

            Suppose, for example, that you are seated at a table that is laden with food. You ask the person on your right for the potatoes. The person on your right is deep in thought and does not hear your request, but the person on your left overheard your request and is able to offer you the dish. If you are caught in expectations, you will become upset that the person on the right is ignoring your request and you will ignore the person on the left who is offering you what you asked for.

            If, on the other hand, you are not caught in expectations, but instead living in gratitude for the gift of receiving the potatoes, what does it matter if the person on the right or left is the conduit?

            Now humans say this works for dishes at the dinner table. The principle is understood in its simplest form, but what about human relationships? How does it work here?

            The principle does not change. It remains the same: When you live in gratitude that for which you are grateful multiples. That which you ask for comes to you through life forces from the Divine Source. It may come in a different form and from a different source than you thought, but you can only receive once you open to receive by letting go of the control of directing how and from where the gift comes and stay in gratitude for the gift.

            When you live in gratitude, you stop clutching at life and stop trying to control the source and form of your gift. Life begins to flow through you, you learn to ask for gifts that are more appropriate for you, and those gifts that come to you are so much greater than anything you could have thought of. When you live in gratitude, the gifts that come are always from the Divine Source of Love.



The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

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Ways You Can Be of Service

This time of the year is an especially good season to show gratitude to others. Here are three simple ways to do so:


Mail someone a card. The art of sending a note or card to someone has nearly gone by the wayside, replaced by the ease of emailing and texting. Yet, sometimes it's nice to find a card or note in the mailbox. Take a couple of minutes to write to someone special just to say I'm glad you're in my life. Then add a stamp to the envelope and drop it in the mail. They'll be glad you did. So will you.


Say thank you. In the busyness of our lives, we may forget to say thank you - two simple words with such big meaning. Take a moment to say thank you to everyone who crosses your path today - your family members, the grocery store clerk who rang up your purchases, the waitress or waiter who brought your food, the teacher who teaches your children, the valet who parked your vehicle . . . you get the picture. Everyone wants to feel seen and valued. A simple thank you lets the other feel appreciated.


Listen. We are so often busy trying to be heard that we forget to listen. Show someone you are grateful for them by listening to what they say, really listening without judgment, really listening without forming your comeback, really listening with your ears and with your heart. You just might be surprised by what you hear.



Practicing Radical Gratitude

There is one thing above all else that we can do to live a fulfilling and satisfying life, to daily feel the joy and experience the happiness of life. That one thing is to live in gratitude. When we live in gratitude for what we have, for that which we have had in our lives even though it may no longer be there, and for that which we desire as though it is already in our lives, we change our lives, how we experience our lives, and that which manifests in our lives.

            Practicing radical gratitude does not mean we need to be grateful for all the circumstances in our lives, but to to live in gratitude in all circumstances. There's a slight difference in semantics and a major difference in meaning. Certainly there are horrific circumstances in life for which gratitude would be inappropriate. No one is grateful for war or hunger or illness or the loss of a loved one or a thousand other circumstances that we as humans might find ourselves in. But the circumstances should not stop us from living in - and practicing - gratitude, radical gratitude.

            Radical gratitude has three dimensions - the past, the present, and the future. Let's start with the present, and then move to the past and future.

            The present: Practicing gratitude in the present is simply being grateful for what we have. Too often we are busy looking to what we want to have and forgetting that which is right in front of us. Stop, look, and think about what you do have to be grateful for in this moment in time. Be as present for yourself as you can be and keep asking yourself: "What do I have to be grateful for in this moment in time?

            That last phrase is extremely important. It will keep you in the present, which will help you practice radical gratitude and live a more joy-filled life.

            The past: We suffer because we no longer have someone or something in our lives. When we practice radical gratitude, we may miss that which is no longer with us, but we are able to live in gratitude for the time we did have. This shifts us to the present allowing us to live in joy for the experience of knowing that person or living that life instead of living in the past regretting that for which we mourn.

            The future: Our future is created by our present. To have that which we desire in our lives, we must live in gratitude as though what we want is already in our lives. This seems hard to grasp, to be so grateful for something that isn't yet in our lives instead of bemoaning that it isn't there. As long as we keep asking when it's coming, we keep it in the future instead of allowing it to manifest in our lives.

            When we practice radical gratitude, we change our thinking and emotions, which in turn changes our experiences. As we live in the joy of gratitude, saying great thanks for what we want, and in doing so know that it is ours, allows us to maintain the right energy for the Law of Attraction to work and actually bring into our lives that which we live in gratitude for.

            The present: By now you've probably noticed that practicing radical gratitude keeps us in the present moment. We're able to let go of the past with gratitude for that which has been part of our lives and we're able to manifest what we want in the future by practicing gratitude for that which we have and that which we are manifesting.

            If truth be known, there is only the present, this moment, and in this moment there is much for which to be grateful.





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